Size Matters

  1. I have a quick question about bags of the same size and different construction (rigide vs. souple).

    For example: Does a 35 rigide kelly have the same interior dimensions as a 35 souple kelly? Is there any difference at all (even minute .2 inches)?

    Many thanks for all of your input.
  2. For sure supple Kelly holds more stuff than the rigid because it's shape. The size is the same, but the rigid leather doesn't "expand" sideways like the supple does.. Difficult to explain.. :confused1::p

    I can even fit my big laptop in to my 40cm supple Kelly!!
  3. Thanks DiamondS.
    Does the souple kelly expand to close? I currently have a 35 rigide kelly and sometimes wish I had more space. Everything fits - but sometimes it feels "tight: and it is difficult to close (i.e. flap and closure). I was wondering if I should go to a 35 souple kelly next or move up to the 40.
  4. Elie, I suggest you try a souple 35 first. In my experience a souple of the same size is much easier to get in and out of than a rigide. It also holds more and doesn't look as big as the rigide.
  5. Souple Kelly closes much easier than the rigid model. It does "expand" also when you want to close it, though I always feel quite bad about it myself (I'm afraid that it will destroy the shape of the leather etc.)... :push:
    40cm souple Kelly is HUGE, but even though I love it, it tends to look much less glamourous and ladylike than the 35cm. :flowers: If you don't need to carry really tons and tons of stuff, start with the souple 35cm in a really durable, soft leather like clemence. I recommend it warmly.... :tup:
  6. Diamond - does carrying your laptop in your Kelly warp your bag at all? Has it caused any weird creases?