size is everything! my largest and smallest bbag.

  1. so, today i got my black weekender. :wlae: i absolutely love it! it's the largest bag i own. for anyone thinking about the weekender... GO FOR IT!:supacool: when i wore it, i didn't think it was much bigger than my works. the handles fit nicely on my shoulders. i could see myself using it as an everyday bag.

    i wanted to say thanks to chi and mims for convincing me to get the weekender...and ceejay and edna for your thoughts and insight!:flowers: i'm definitely a weekender fan!:girlsigh:

    then, there's my teal shoebag. it's the smallest bag i own. i love that too.:love: where's my teal sistas at!?
    carryingblkweekender1.jpg carryingblkweekender2.jpg carryingblkweekender3.jpg carryingblkweekender4.jpg carryingblkweekender5.jpg carryingteal1.jpg carryingteal2.jpg carryingteal3.jpg carryingteal4.jpg
  2. You wear it well esile and your Weekender looks great!
  3. Conrgrat, esile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope my ink weekender will be as nice as yours.... :jammin:
  4. esile, OMFG!!!! I want a weekender now! (congrats on both purchases!) you look HOT!
  5. Esile, your weekender looks great on you!!! It really doesn't look too big at all. I love it! Congrats! And hehe, your shoebag is cute! Such a fun bag. I can see myself bringing this to the movies.
  6. Your weekender looks fabulous! Congrats!
  7. It looks great on you esile!! Just curious, what other bags are part of your b-bag family? hehe I think it's time for a COLLECTION post!!!
  8. Very cute! I have never seen anyone carry the shoebag style before.
  9. Congrats! The weekender looks great on you!
  10. I am caving a weekender!@!!

    It looks fabulous on you and looks not that bigger than work.
    U like the fall season black? :graucho: is it shiny? or same leather as your fire engine red one?
  11. is that your daughter in there?
  12. OOOOH! I love it! Now I am super jealous I couldn't get that other one! ;)
  13. ^^^chigirl!!! LOL:roflmfao:

    I love your Weekender, esile!!! Congratulations!! It looks awesome on you and not as humongous as I was picturing from the measurements on Ateliernaff's site!!! I love how it fits over your shoulder - even my First doesn't do that as well!!!

    I also love the shoebag, it's really cute!!
  14. esile Great new bags.
    Please do post a family photo.
    I would love to see all your beautiful bags together. Including your magenta work next to your new red work :tender:
  15. When I started down this Balenciaga road, I was set, I was going to get a weekender. But...I ordered a city. You look so fabulous that I am trying trying trying not to call and change my order. what a great bag. is it comfortable? how do the straps feel if you put some stuff in that bag (more than a wallet). great great bag
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