Size is a relative thing

  1. Funny thing today as I was packing for my holiday I 'unearthed' (that's how often I have used her lately) my MJ Sophia and actually thought to myself how much much smaller she seemed to me now than when I bought her years ago. My bag purchases since then have, on the whole, gotten larger in size. My definition of big seemed to have changed radically over the years, I recently even posted about struggling with my MJstam! Incidentally somewhat the opposite happened when I visited my boarding school years later it looked teeny so different from when I looked at it first when I was a young girl. Anyone else noticed this kind of progression? It just struck me suddenly that's all....:amuse:
  2. My definition of big seems to change with where I go. The purses I bring to school certainly have gotten bigger... and looking back on the purses I used to bring to school I wonder how I managed to bring everything I needed class to class.

    My going out/everyday purses have gotten slightly smaller. I used to think I needed everything and the kitchen sink in my bag when I went anywhere, so I carried totes often. Now that I've narrowed down the list of things I bring with me, my going out purses have gotten smaller.
  3. Well yeah. Back in high school I wasnt really into purses and girls mostly had small shoulder bags that weren't much bigger than an inch wide and so I always thought that was as much room as necessary. Now I cant have anything smaller than my COACH satchel or else I'll get frustrated about having to compromise for space.
  4. My bags have gotten bigger and bigger as I have aged. I remember carrying the small clutches when I would go out, but now that I am old and married, I NEED all my stuff with me. I need a minimum of 12 inches across and 7 high. I like depth too. At least 3 inches.
  5. My bags also have gotten bigger and bigger. And like my mother, I have gotten more obsessed with "compartments"
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