size help please.........!! (considering getting a bbag))

  1. can someone help me figuring smallest to biggest pleasse??

    I am looking for a bag smaller then a work...but still big..

    thanks girls!!
  2. yup! def. get a city!
  3. city best size imho!
  4. the city for u then :smile:
  5. City for sure. :yes:
  6. Another City vote here. Great size!
  7. Definitely City!
  8. Yep you need a city! :wlae:
  9. A City is the way to go. I have a black City and the size is perfect!
  10. Go for the city or a parttime bag:graucho:

    they are both very lovely.

    BYBY FX:heart:
  11. definately a city
  12. i love my city, fits all i need!!
  13. The city or the twiggy. Both are great bags just different shapes. They both hold a ton without looking huge.
  14. City, city, city! :yes:
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