Size for the naturel...?


Sep 6, 2006
I know I'm on a BAN but as "hippie" said so convincingly, being on a diet doesn't meen you can't read the menue :P!

What do you guys think would be the best size to get the naturel in ?

I do have three kids the older ones are fine but my youngest is only 10 1/2 months.

I am thinking about:

city, twiggy, first

I wonder if I could dare wearing such a light color in the citysize or if I should get a smaller one for occasionel use.

I only have cities and day bags ...
I am getting one in city with regular hardware! I have a 1 -yr old baby and I have a Coco Cabas for baby bag. So if you need a baby bag for yr prince/princess, you might want to consider a larger sized bag :smile:
I would go for a smaller size, but partly because you don't have a First yet. I think everyone should have a smaller, going-out bag, and since you already have a large light-colored bag (greige day) I'd say go for a smaller size, and get another spring color in a city or twiggy (you mentioned before you were thinking of French Blue).
Hmmmmmmmm, a lot of cityfans.

I'm down to city versus first.

slinks that was my way of thinking too but I wonder if in that case (bag for going out) a black first wouldn't be more appropriate?!

I still have a couple of pounds to loose to be again my usual self and really consider the first. (Still not back to before babyweight, it gets harder with time).
I think the first looks the best when you're more on the skinny side.
not that I pretend getting skinny just skinnier :P !