size for large patsy tote

  1. I bought this earlier, then returned it because it was pretty big, and I had purchased a couple of other Chloes, however............I just bought it again yesterday at that price, couldn't resist. It will be a great travel bag. It is larger than the Edith shopper. Try it and see if you like it, you can always send it back.
  2. Hi,llson,

    Can you wear it on the shoulder?
  3. Yes, if I remember correctly, it fits well on the shoulder. I really like the leather, it was beautiful, I just couldn't justify another bag, but with the price being so unbelieveable, I went for it again.
  4. Thanks llson.

    I hope I will her in a good condiction though. Let us show our baby then.

  5. Agree, let's hope the condition is great. The one I sent back was 'virgin' in a box, brand new!!
  6. llson,

    I bought edith bowler in muscade today. I don't know why just feel I need her. Am I too greedy?

    I have three brown chloe(edith shopper tote, edith bowler and patsy tote) and one ivory bay now. :happydance:

  7. You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many brown Chloe bags......congrats:tup: