Size Does Matter!

  1. I gave in and ordered the MED Heritage tote before PCE ended. It arrived today and when I opened the box I fell in LOVE:heart:! The color and the coated canvas is more beautiful than I had expected!:love: Then when I pulled it out of the box, I thought I must have made a mistake and ordered the small and with all the mix ups I've read about, I thought anything was possible.:confused1:
    Well, it is the MED , all the numbers match up but the size is too small. ( for me) It barely measures 10"
    I called my favorite SA , she is the BEST, and she ordered the large , with the 25% , so I can compare the two.
    Tanukiki, you aren't the only one playing the waiting game!
  2. Wow, I'm still confused about the measurements on this bag! Thanks for letting us know! I hope the new one is right for you.
    Would you mind posting pics of the large if you keep it?? Pretty please?
  3. That is too bad!!!! I'm sorry that it is too small for you but glad that they are sending you a large one.
  4. Sure, as soon as it gets here! Which I'm guessing won't be until MON.:s The measurements do seem to vary on this bag!
  5. Thanks, fluffy! I'll be patiently waiting!:whistle:
  6. See that doesn't sound right. LA and the others who have the bag say it's about 14x11 or so, right? I AM SO CONFUSED RIGHT NOW I COULD SCREAM!!! LA and Liz and others, yours isn't that small is it?
  7. Tanukiki, that is more or less what I based my size decision on. But this bag I received doesn't even come close. I keep re-measuring it thinking I'm measuring wrong or some how it's going to change!:lol: Still barely 10"!
    On a positive note, the wallet is beautiful! It's a keeper, even if the totes both go back!

    ETA.... I just pulled out the catalog and the dimensions for the small pictured on page 50 are 13Lx10Hx4W !!!!!! WTH!!! Mine is only 3" W and not even 10 x 10 !!!!
  8. Thanks Candace, I'm grateful my SA gave me the 25%
  9. Yours didn't have a P at the end of it, did it?
  10. Tanukiki, I just pulled it out of the box again, and NO P!
  11. Tanuki, mine is not that small at all. Please see pictures I sent you last week.
    It is the size of a lunch tote. That is just fine for me as I have way too many
    big bags. I really like the size of the medium just fine. I am sorry but I don't
    have modeling pictures.

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    Here are LA's pictures. I think the size of this bag in medium is perfect.
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  12. Weird weird weird! Now I'm really worried I'm not going to like mine when I pick it up. Darn it to heck. The pics of the mediums on here look bigger than that. Can you take a pic of yours?

    Liz, thanks for linking the pics again. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS BAG?!?
  13. See especially in LA's pictures with her modeling, there's no way it can be that small :push: I have no idea what to expect when I get there tonight...
  14. Tanukiki,
    check your messages, I sent you a pic for reference. May or may not help??!!
    Let me know! Cheryl
  15. Well this bag is really cute, but I'm glad it just wasn't for me. There has been so much confusion with the sizes and the pilot bag. I hope you all end up with the right ones.