Size difference?

  1. Can someone tell me the size difference between the "purse" and the "shopper"? There is a shopper right? Same sort of shape?:huh:
  2. From what I understand, which isn't much I must say, they are the same bag. The name switched from shopper to purse.
    I have no idea why I think I know this, where the info came from...
    someone else?
  3. Oh O.K. I was thinking they were two different bags, one being smaller. Thanks much!
  4. Yeah the purse/shopper are the same bags.. it used to be called the shopper, was discontinued for a season or two - then came back as the purse.

    There is another bag called the SHOPPING that is bigger than the purse and doesn't have a zipper :smile:
  5. ^^^That's exactly what I was going to say, lol! Yea, the Purse used to be called the Shopper, and there's a larger, zipperless tote called the Shopping. Hold on.
  6. Here:

    (courtesy ckiom12)

    (courtesy personalshoppers)
  7. The Purse doesn't have a shoulder strap, correct?
  8. No it doesn't but the double straps have a longer drop than the first, city or work and it fits over your shoulder.
  9. I'm so confused - not about the bag choices so much anymore (THANKS, ladies!) - but about what I want! I used to think I wanted the Shopping because it was a tote, but basically I've changed my mind. It won't stand up on it's own, right? I do need a Tod's D bag after all. I saw one today - Grande in Orange, which was a bit 'much', but %#$% that's a nice bag.

    So, now I'm thinking I need something else in Balenciaga...maybe a Twiggy in a bright color if I just want a handbag ... maybe a neutral Courier for travel.....or just get a bright colored City and start there. :roflmfao:

    For now, I'm just saving and when I see it, I'll know. The John Paul Stevens approach to handbag shopping. :hrmm:
  10. Gosh, the "purse" looks so different on different people. Kat(?) has the rose pink which looks REALLY big to me, and Nhelle has the eggplant that looks half the size on her. I love the way the eggplant looks so much smaller. I guess it must be the darker color. Thanks everyone!
  11. :angel: I guess size really does matter.
  12. i think, the purse looks the most feminine of all the styles... because it's got curves. :graucho: i really want one... maybe in one of the new fall colors. can't wait!