Size difference: Sofia vs Small MP

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  1. I am always on the lookout for a new MJ bag and have seen some Sofias/Sophias come up on eBay. The small MP I have is too small for me to carry on a daily basis. :sad: I know the Sofia is a few inches bigger across than the MP, but it isn't as wide and the bag is divided into sections. For those of you who have both, would you recommend staying away from a Sofia if the MP doesn't work for me or do you find you have more room? Thanks for any advice...I would hate to end up with another bag that I don't use! :yes:
  2. I've had both, and I've never been truly happy with the size of the Sofia. I never utilized the three compartments enough. When it was full, the bag would look out of shape and bulky. It always felt smaller than the small MP, IMO.

    If you want something bigger than the small MP, I would suggest one of the other soft calf styles like the Venetia, large MP, or Stella. Blake is about the same size as the small MP when you take the compartments into consideration.
  3. The Sofia doesn't fit much, def less than even the small mp and like Thithi says if you try to put too much in it it looks lumpy and stuffed.
    Strangely considering my big bag fetish I love my Sofia but its my little baby princess bag.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I do not see a Sofia in my future...onto BIGGER things!
  5. I just got my very first Sophia and think it is awesome for a small bag, but it will defiantly not fit alot. I still love it though it is very light and comfy!
  6. i would recommend you try a stella or large mp since you're on a shoulder bag trend, i think you would be disappointed with the venetia because it isn't a shoulder bag, unless you get the ones with the chains. good luck in your search, this has made me reevaluate my want of a sophia as well....i will stick with stella