Size difference on duffles

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  1. I am wanting a duffle but unsure of the sizes.

    I probably need the medium to large one if they make them.

    I have seen some on eBay that say retail for 228 and then I saw some that said retail for 278... whats the difference?


  2. The regular size duffle (retails for $228) and it is a TERRIFIC SIZE!!! - especially if you want to wear it both ways: across body and on shoulder. The larger duffle which is the "Medium Duffle" (retails $278), IMHO, is WAY TOO BIG to be worn across body. I bought the Medium Duffle at an outlet and ended up taking it right back. I THOUGHT it was the regular Duffle, but after getting it home and trying it on, was WAY TOO BIG. You can fit TONZ in the regular's BIG! The only thing about duffles is that they are LONG/TALL and narrower, so you may have to dig a bit to get to all of your "stuff".
    Hope that helps!:smile:
  3. I agree with Purse-O-nality that the smaller one is probably a good size for most people. My friend has it and loves it. She can fit all the basic stuff in it (wristlet, water bottle, cosmetic case, keys, etc.).

    However, I have two of the larger sized ones and they're perfect for me. I like to be able to carry quite a bit of stuff so the smaller ones are too small for me. I use them when I'm sightseeing or on birdwatching trips and need to carry a field guide or maps and stuff, as well as digital camera, water bottle, etc. in addition to all my usual purse stuff.

    Here are some pics of my suede duffle (the larger size) to give you an idea of what it looks like with lots of stuff in it and worn cross-body. I'm 5'5" and about 130lbs for reference.



    Soho duffle with watermark 1.JPG
  4. I agree completely with Sialia - I've got her duffle in several colors and they are a perfect size for carrying everything you need with a bit of room to spare. They are also lightweight. You can double the strap which I usually do and carry it on the shoulder - fits nicely. Size is about 11" across x 10" tall I think.
  5. I bought the "duffle" (so the smaller one) at the outlet last month. I'm glad I got the smaller of the two available...purse-o-nality is correct, any bigger, and you are DIGGING at the bottom of your purse for everything.

    For reference...I've 5'9"ish and 150ish.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and the short way

  6. I have to say that the one style I don't own is the duffle. I love it on other people and once saw the holiday patchwork duffle on this woman, and she looked like a million bucks. Just so put together.

    So, I order one for myself and come away disapppointed. I think it's because it was the smaller size and I like a bigger bag.

    Plus, I about strangled myself trying to figure out how to adjust the adjustable shoulder strap.:roflmfao: I was quite a sight.

    Anyhoo, I'd like to try it again because the crossbody style is so comfortable, especially when you have little kids in tow. Anyone have a recommendation for me?
  7. I want a duffle with a flap like Sialia's got.....I am loathing zippers lately.
  8. Thanks for the input, Tejas I think the larger duffle would be good for you then if the smaller one was too little. Good luck, finding the perfect bag is such a chore.
  9. I have both the smaller and a large. i like them both and i think they hold about the same amount.