Size difference of Wisteria and Normal Spy

  1. Is the wisteria spy bigger than the normal spy?
  2. Nope there is no difference. Are you thinking of getting one? The wisteria is beautiful.
  3. Not sure. But there is one on Annsfabfinds and I'm not sure if it real. Also is the Spy bag a classic? Because I don't want to spend so much money on a bag that may not be fashionable tomorrow, you know?
  4. ann's fabulous finds has a great reputation for authenticity.
  5. ^Agree. They have very good customer service as well. I have bought from them and will definitely buy again.
  6. I know this sounds weird, but I feel like my wisteria is slightly smaller than my other spies. That said though, the wisteria is simply a gorgeous bag! You won't regret it!!! :heart: :heart: