size difference between the Work and Weekender?

  1. Could someone provide me the measurment and maybe some photo for comparsion?

    thanks a lot!!
  2. Work is 13"h x 18"w x 5"d
    Weekender is 15"h x 21"w x 9"d
  3. are there any pics of them side by side?
  4. Here's pictures of me carrying the work and the weekender. I ended up with the weekender because I carry a ton of stuff everyday. I've loved the size and it fits perfectly over my shoulder!
    work.jpg weekender.jpg
  5. wow laci, i thought the work would be so much bigger. or at least it felt bigger when i tried it on. how tall are you? maybe because i'm short i felt dwarfed by it. but the SA did tell me that your bag will feel smaller as you start to carry it, true.
  6. That is soo true. When I began to carry work bag, I thought that is big enough. Now after using my weekender, I came back to work bag, felt it is not big at all.;)
  7. hip, hip, hooooooooooray for big b-bags, here's my work & my weekender :yahoo:
    ORIGAN WORK B-BAG1.jpg DSCF3421 REV.jpg
  8. I love my Work, but I've been thinking about getting a Weekender cos I'm worried that with all the weight I carry around, my Work's getting too much of a work out!

    Oh wells. It's gonna be a while before I can afford another Bbag anyways... :crybaby:

    *off to check price of a Weekender*
  9. Thanks for the comparision! Now I think I might just settle for a weekender instead of a work...