Size difference between Manhattan PM and GM

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  1. I like them both.
    Can anyone who owns one or both of them comment on the difference between the PM and GM?
    How much bigger is the GM?

    Which one would you get and why?

    Thanks ahead!
  2. Several threads on this topic

    Manhattan PM vs. Manhattan GM

    Manhattan GM VS PM :heart:

    Manhattan PM or GM?

    Is the Manhattan PM big enough?

    Which Manhattan is better??? PM or GM

    here is the search find on the manhattan topic

    As stated in most of the threads, I guess it depends on what size bag you're looking for? Also the gm is a lot heavier then the pm and if you're looking for a shoulder bag, then the gm.

    I'm sure you'll find more information then you need flipping through those threads. Good luck with your choice.
  3. Thanks so much.
    But all the links took me to the purse forum main page.
    I will look back in the forum.
  4. Crappy,
    if you go up to the to and search manhattan, and tread title only it will give you a a list about 4 pages. you will see several of the ones listed there.

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  5. I bought the GM because I liked the bigger size and the overall look (with the leather strap). I am very happy with the purchase!