Size difference between Jumbo and 228

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  1. I am thinking of getting my first Chanel purse, either classic flap or 228. Just wondering the size difference between Jumbo and 228? Basically what is the largest purse among them? Thanks.:angel:
  2. You should check out the sticky thread at the top of the forum. It’s all about flaps & reissues, prices and sizes included :yes:
  3. I went there already but did not find the answer. Basically I just want to know which one the largest purse among Classic flap and 228 (I dont think there has 229, right?).:confused1::confused1::confused1:

  4. Yes, the Jumbo is the largest flap and the 228 is the largest reissue.
  5. Then which one is the largest between them?? Or, the size of Jumbo and 228 is the same??:angel::angel::angel::angel:

  6. Anybody can help?
  7. Hi, this is a question that has been answered many many times, you just have to do a search for Jumbo size and 228 size respectively, or as Beautylicious has recommended, look at the reissue and classic flap sticky at the top of the forum, you should be able to find all reissues sizes there, and under the reference library, check out the thread on POST PICS OF YOUR FLAP, CLASSIC FLAP AND REISSUE, you should be able to find Classic flaps sizes....

    one thing to note, I think the sizes of previous 228 and the S/S2008 228 are slightly different, so if you are looking to buy one, make sure you know which one you are looking at....