Size diff between Twiggy & Box

  1. Does anyone know the size differences between the twiggy and the box? I've tried looking at pictures but I can't really tell the diff :shrugs:

    Also... does anyone know their respective retail prices? :upsidedown:
  2. hello :flowers:
    according to
    the twiggy is
    (h) 7.10in x (w) 15in x (d) 6.25in / Strap Length 24.5in

    while the box is
    (h) 6.88in x (w) 11.41in x (d) 5.11in / Strap Length 26.77in

    hope this helps :shame:

  3. I have both and find they hold everything I need. The twiggy obviously is longer. The box is not really that much smaller in terms of capacity, it's just a different look in my opinion. I love them both!

    Here's a picture of my cornflower box and lilac twiggy so you can see size difference.

    Box is $995 and twiggy is $1095 USD.
  4. lovely bags are they from the new collection the leather is TDF