Size Comparison

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  1. Hi!!

    I am about to buy my first BBag.. very excited also a bit scared since I am buying it from ebay. I am confused between two styles. Step and Giant City

    I like big bags. so which one is bigger? Does anyone know the measurments for both? The step seems bigger to me... but I asked the seller and he said it might be the same as the city. (he wasnt sure) Long story short. If step is bigger ill got for that but if not than Ill get the city because I love the extra handle!!! help!!!!

    -very confused :confused1::confused1:
  2. Please do a search/visit the reference library. Fyi, the reference library style threads are for pictures only.
  3. Thanks!!!!!!! yeah I did and even though the step looks bigger in pictures but when I checked the measurements they are almost the same size... so I am going for the city!!!!! yayeeee I love the extra strap!!! :yahoo::yahoo: