Size Comparison ?

  1. Does anyone have a picture of a City and a Work side by side so that I can see the size difference? I have only City bags, but I found a Work in the color I need. I have not purchased it yet, because I am afraid it might be too large. A picture of the two would make it easier to see how much bigger it will be. Thanks.
  2. Oh my gosh...thanks so much for the link. I just spent about half an hour drooling over everyone's collections.

    I think I the Work might be okay. EXCEPT........

    My husband bought me a Black City AND a White City for my birthday when we were visiting New York City in June. I just bought a Coin purse a few weeks ago, and today he let me buy a City in Ocean (Yay!) as kind of an early anniversary present. The anniversary (26th) is in Sept., and we are going to Chicago for a few days. I was hoping to go to Barney's and maybe get something....... I go for the Cognac Work now? That would probably mean no shopping at Barney's.... What a dilema!

  3. My advice would be to bite the bullet and WAIT! Especially since you haven't seen a work IRL. That way, not only do you get to try it on, you can compare leather etc. Even if you don't find what you want at Barneys next month, you get to shop AGAIN later! Just my 2 cents. :yahoo:
  4. The Work is really not that much bigger than the City. I think the Work is a good size every-day bag.

    I would wait until you get to Chicago to get something else. The feel of the leather can vary so much between bags that I would rather pick a bag out in person to make sure I got the feel of the leather I wanted.

    Have fun!!