size comparison wanted on mini reporter

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  1. Hi, I'm new to the forum, you can usually find me over at LVLU(louis vuitton lovers united) or the BBB on EZboard. But lately i'm really loving Chanel and have started to defect!! lol!

    My queston is does anyone have a carrying pic of the mini reporter? I'm quite petite and the large size would look like a carryall on me. How big is the mini? would you consider it a pochette type size or an everyday size like the LV denim baggy PM? (any LV size comparison would be helpful as thats what i'm most familiar with, pics would be even better!)

    It's weird because for LV you find pretty much everything online, but for chanel you hardly find any authentic pics, even the chanel website doesn't show much. I suppose thats what makes it all the more exclusive!!

    thanks in advance for any help and advice you can give.:smile:
  2. The smaller size is an everyday bag size..They have it at Saks fifth Ave in Bala Cynyd,PA(1-610-667-1550-ask for Donna)I like the smaller one-The big one is outrageously BIG!
  3. the mini one is perfect for everyday use...
  4. I'm in the UK and the nearest chanel store is quite far, so I really want to see a pic of someone wearing it before I make the trip, I hate deciding in the store, I always regret my choice when I get home after, I get carried away by the SA's!!!

  5. I tried to find some pics of someone holding the smaller size, but I couldn't. If you find anything please post it up.
  6. I would say this bag is about the size of the LV Baggy GM. It's small but it's not pochette sized small (for more than $2000, it'd better not be lol.) Anyway Even better, I'd say it's about the size of the Neo Speedy, but with little pockets on the outside. I've seen people carrying it and it's mid sized. Not too big, not too small.
  7. Hi strawberryprincess! Welcome! :biggrin: I can't help you with your question but as a fellow LVLU (what's your handle there?) and LV lover, I second your sentiments. It drives me NUTS that I'm not able to do some on-line research before heading out to the boutique!
  8. hi, bluekit!!!!! so great to see you, i'm CUSTOMCRYSTALS (lisa) on LVLU. :smile:

    thanks everyone for the advice. someone mentioned the mini is the size of the baggygm/neo speedy. Did you mean the baggy pm? as the gm is a lot bigger than the neo speedy. if its PM size it should be fine for me.
  9. The baggy pm is pretty small. I think it'd be a better comparison to think of it as the neo speedy (or speedy 25) but with pockets on the side.

  10. :idea: Hi Lisa! Once I'm done buying my essentials for LV, I am saving for a classic chanel (a classic flap in medium or small).
  11. hey bluekit, that makes you, me and heather, we are now chanel saving triplets!!! me and heather are both saving for a chanel bag, she wants the caviar classic flap.
  12. Haha, that's funny =) I hope by that time I'll still treat my LV like my LV (instead of how I treat my coaches now) because I love them =) I still have a few LV pieces I want before moving on to Chanel. It's a 2 year plan :love: