size comparison report

  1. Our Saks here in New Orleans FINALLY reopened last week, for the first time since Hurricane Katrina passed through 15 months ago. I live nearby and strolled down there to look around today -- the whole store is completed remodeled, after having been looted and set on fire during the chaos of the storm's aftermath.

    Anyway, of course I stopped in LV, and checked out a few things in person that I never seen IRL before. I thought I'd share for the benefit of those without boutiques close to them.

    The Trouville is tiny!!! I had no idea. It holds less than a Saleya PM. The Deauville, which I thought would be huge on me (5' 5.5", medium build), looked fine. Who knew?

    The Manhattan GM and the Deauville are almost exactly the same size, and are VERY similar in shape. I was very surprised to discover this. So if you can't quite pull off the bling of the Manhattan GM (like me -- it's a gorgeous bag, but I can't pull it off!), give the Deauville a try. Very similar size and shape, but much more subdued.

    The Lockit Horizontal struck me as a nice-sized tote. I thought it would be enormous! It is big, but not too big. Not odd-looking or anything at all. I did find it a little awkward to slip over my shoulder, though. I don't think it would work out for me as an everyday work or travel tote for that reason.

    The Cabas Mezzo is a bit bigger than the LH, and since it is less structured, I found it more comfortable to carry. It would also hold more than the LH for the same reason. I could easily slip it over my shoulder. It is still not so huge that it looks funny, at all.

    I guess that's it. I didn't buy anything -- just doing reasearch at the moment! The SA was impressed with my knowledge of the bags -- calling everything by name -- and asked me if I had a copy of the most recent catalog. I said no, and she went in the back and got one for me. Very sweet of her!
  2. Interesting report, glad you had great time and get your LV store back..

    I persoanlly don't think Trouville is tiny, it's nice size in mono and MC. The only bag I can say tiny is vernis reade PM
  3. Thanks! I always love hearing about these things because it's so hard to tell from just the pictures on elux or, but there's always the visual aids too!! :smile:
  4. Thank you for the report. I'm one of those who don't have the advantage of going to a boutique, they're too far away from where I'm at. Did you check out any other pieces besides the monogram?
  5. Monogram is actually my least favorite line -- I have an Ellipse PM but that's it, and I am sort of thinking about a Deauville. I looked at the LH and CM to see if I liked the styles, because I am thinking about SOing a Mezzo in Damier.

    I really wanted to look at the Suhali Lockit MM but they didn't have any Suhali Lockits at all, in any size. They only had very limited Suhali stock, and none of it was even on display.

    I checked out the Belem MM again, to confirm the size (I had tried it on earlier this year while on a trip to CA), and also saw the new Epi style, the Turenne. The Turenne GM is actually nicer -- more distinctive, I thought -- than it looks in the online photos on elux and

    I saw a Stephen, too, for the first time -- in the display case. I don't particuarly care for that style so I didn't ask to see it. I think that's about it!

    I just started getting into LV after Hurricane Katrina came through, so I've never had an LV in town since then. I am so glad this Saks finally reopened -- it was a great statement of support for the future of the city from Saks, and it will be nice to have a LV boutique right down the street instead of having to wait until I go on vacation!