Size comparison pics of Work, City, etc?

  1. Can somebody pls help? I have searched but have not been able to find... a member posted a great pic of bags on top of each other showiing size differences.... started with a coin purse or clutch and went up to a work or weekender. Does anybody remember what thread this is in? I want to see size difference between a city and a work. Or, if you have a pic of a city and a work together and can post it, that would be great. Thanks so much! :smile:
  2. Hope this help:love:
    work, city, first and box.jpg
  3. it's ranging from the coin purse, to a 04 clutch, to a first, to a city and to a weekender.
    i'll be adding a mini mini coin purse, when it's arrived, i'll post the adding comparison too :yahoo:

  4. Thanks Yaya and Seahorseinstripes - they both help so much!

    Seahorse - it was your photo I was looking for! :yes:

    Yaya - which size do you use more? City or work? :confused1:
  5. I have to say city....perfect size.

    I love the city, work and box styles. I find my first to be too small for my need. I don't see myself buying another first in future :crybaby:
  6. I agree, I have city and box styles, first is way to small (returned the one I bought) and looking forward to my first work! :yes:
  7. I have the first and I use it mostly at night...or sometimes I carry it inside of a larger bag so I have a day bag and an evening bag.
    I also have a couple of the city style and it always fits my stuff. It is a great bag. I want to get the work now though because I think it might even be better than the city.
  8. Love your black clutch!
  9. [​IMG]

    is the order- first, work, city and then box?
  10. love the does anyone have a pic for comparing a weekender to a work?
  11. Incoralblue..... you are "the bbag master":supacool:!!! I'm giving a :dothewave: to you!!! Thanks! Awesome pics.
  12. I have First (Black), Shoulder (CF Blue), Purse (RV Red), City (Black) and Money (RV Red) comparison pic:
    and a First, Purse and City comparison pic:

    Hope that helps!:yes:
  13. MarieG...great collection!:tup:
  14. MarieG- love the collection, only BI left then you will have a great collection :love::love: