Size Comparison - Paige/Farrah and Taylor/Farrah

  1. I know some of you have wondered just how large the Farrah is. I thought I'd take a few photos for comparison with the Paige and the Taylor. I've also posted a picture of most of my Kooba family in the 'Pictures of your Koobas' thread, so you can see the size difference there against other Kooba bags.

    The Farrah does look large, but I threw in a pair of jeans to bulk it up a bit for the photo. It really is a squidgy, soft bag, so it only balloons out if you have a lot of stuff in it.
    Paige and Farrah.JPG Taylor and Farrah.JPG Taylor and Farrah3.JPG Taylor and Farrah2.JPG
  2. Thanks Mini. These photos really do help. I know how big a Paige is, so its nice to see the comparison. I think the Taylor would be more my size. Now, how do these compare to the Claudia or Chiara? Anyone know?
  3. Great bags!

    It seems to me that the Taylor and Farrah are comparable in size and style to the Chiara and Claudia. They have the same shape and strap with the main difference being the stitching as opposed to the studding on the C&C.
  4. Ah yes, thanks KoobaMe. That seems logical.
  5. Mini, which bag do you use more? The Taylor or the Farrah?
  6. Oh simply fabulous Mini!!!! :tup::heart: What a help that is!!!
    I just recently sold my Taylor because Farrah was on her way. Taylor is identical to the Chiara (I've had several in the past) and yes, the Farrah is the Claudia in a different styling...and for me personally, I need the larger size of the two. But that's just me. I like to have some space around my stuff....oh I'm so happy that you posted those comparisons........
    The Farrah and Taylor are made also with a softer lighter-weight than the Paige.....:heart:
  7. I never realized what monsters these hobos are!! They are gigantic... But they are beautiful and so lightweight!!
  8. I am supposed to get my Marcelle today and the Renee tomorrow. So excited!!!
  9. I haven't actually used either bag yet but the Taylor seems the better size for my everyday needs. I'm hoping there'll be a time when I need a bigger bag... but it hasn't happened yet. If I find I don't use it, it'll head off to eBay.

    Shewolfy, I'm sure you're going to love the Renee... the distressed looking mocha color leather is quite something else. Your toffee Marcelle is due and mine is also on the way. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it when it arrives... with photos, of course!
  10. I am waiting to get those 2 in before I take the group shot. I can't wait!!!
  11. I've carried all my Koobas these past couple of weeks - well, I don't have many so that's not hard to do. Hehe. Smooth, black, Sienna, black Jillian, metallic brown Maria, and champagne/mocha Taylor. I have to say that hands-down, the Taylor's been the most admired. My workmates and friends kept on touching it! They just loved the leather. I finally had to say, stop! Your oils are messing up the leather. LOL.
  12. Funny katscorps. You need a little sign by your desk reminding people "to keep your oily hands off MY bag". However, I suppose that could be a bit of a career and friendship limiting move.
  13. :lol::lol::lol:
  14. I'm getting my Renee today as well. Let me know what you think and I'll do the same too, k?
  15. jchiara, don't confuse me more than I am.... aren't you getting a Farrah today?