Size comparison between Large Bayswater and Piccadilly

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  1. #1 Jan 7, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2009
    So with my new large bayswater safely arrived at my door...I can take comparison pics and hopefully help fellow Mulberry fans make a better decision on which size to get if they are interested in these designs.

    Piccadilly and Large Bayswater.

    To be honest, I was very surprised the bags have minimal differences in length. The width is almost identical as well. However, the most significant difference is the handle length and large bayswater's are slightly more spaced apart. The bag top flap is also longer for Large Bayswater. Lastly, I also discover the Large Bayswater weighs much lighter than my Piccadilly.

    I would say, these are luggage or gym bag sizes. Some ladies may find it too big for day to day use, but perfect for weekends!

    Hope the pics are useful:P

    Bayswater_Piccadilly_5.jpg Bayswater_Piccadilly_4.jpg Bayswater_Piccadilly_1.jpg Bayswater_Piccadilly_3.jpg
  2. Thanks - this is really useful. Beautiful bags too!
  3. Thanks for the pics! I always thought Piccadilly was much larger!
  4. Thanks! Now I'm more sure than ever that I did the right thing by canceling my Large Bays.
  5. Oh, I am drooling over here . two really beautiful bags. Only problem whit this pics is that they are making me want more than one large bays.
  6. Hi Salikons,

    I can see that we are both huge fans of Bayswater bags, and big ones for that matter. Well, if you can afford another of this bag, then go for it! It's such a nice versatile and timeless design that I am sure in many years time you will still see yourself using it. Since you have the oak colour now...maybe a black or chocolate to add to the bag colours of your collection?:smile: Please post pics of your OAK colour when it arrives. Can't wait!

    And thank you everyone. Am really glad the pics can give an indication of the bag sizing.
  7. Fantastic comparison pics, thanks so much! Seeing them side by side has reminded me just how large the 'large' is!! Fabulous in chocolate too, just fabulous.
  8. Kevin, I love your Mulberry bags. After seeing Kenzo's new addition, I am wanting one more that ever. I think your photos won me over, I really like the tan/light brown color. The leather looks so good.
  9. Having comparison photos descriptions is so helpful - they both look gorgeous.
  10. Can someone please tell me the dimensions of the large bays please?