Size compare, BH, LH and Mezzo

  1. Hope this helps those unsure about size. It makes it easier when you have them all on the same page.

    compare sizes.jpg
  2. I have Mezzo and I don't know why Lockit Horizontal seems so huge on me. It's actually smaller than Mezzo..
  3. whoa I had no idea the LH was so big!
  4. I think it looks bigger (LH) because its more structured.
  5. Hey, I like all 3. You think that would be overkill?:rolleyes:
  6. Not all at :smile:
  7. Bag Fetish you rock girlfriend!!!! Guys I have the lockit h and love it also it is not too big...the Mezzo is bigger!!! Love the HL and it is my fav right now and my speedy is getting no exposure...I should post a pic of it on looks hot...I have a PHH so, I do not want him to know that I bought a new bag...sometimes he looks over my shoulder when I am on the computer that is why I have not posted any pics...the HL is awesome!!!!
  8. This makes me want Lockit Horizontal more :smile:
    Thank you so much, Bag Fetish.
  9. lol thanks for your post :smile: Glad you love your LH, I think its a great bag.
  10. Thanks for the comparison page.
    LVPUG, can't you sneak a pic? I'd really love to see it on you. I'm really drawn to this bag. I must have it!
  11. spylove I want to but, I am challenged with the computer and would have to ask dh... he put my collection on the other PFT and does not know about the latest additions...eventually I will get it on new additions to my mostly gucci and prada collection are has follows:
    Speedy 30
    Pouchette accessoire
    groom pouchette wallet (red)
    mono cles

    All in the last few months....yikeeeessss...

    Bag Fetish the LH is a great bag!!!

    Sandy in space get one you will be soooo glad that you did.

    Texagirl it is never overkill.

    Bagsnbags if the LH is too big on you you need to eat a little more lol...the LH gives me an awesome waist makes me look bags that make you look thinner...
  12. LOL glad I could help. I'm lovin the bag too.
  13. Are you able to take pic's and email them to me? i'll post them for you :smile: