size and website advice

  1. Hi everyone i am desperate to order a pair of you you black patent pumps, on the website they are labelled available but when i click on size 39.5 they say this produce can not be ordered in this quantity. Does that mean its not available? :sad:

    is the sizing also in loboutin france sizing or italian sizing?
  2. It probably means it JUST sold out- save it to favourites and check often.
  3. hey ok :sad:
    have you brought anything from the European site?
  4. I have. Why?
  5. Well, the sizing is confusing me. I am a uk size 6 i am going to size up to 6.5, which would normally be a 39.5 european size, but they have the louboutin france sizing on there too. which is a size bigger than the European. It says uk size 6.5 would be 40.5.

    Do you know which size i should go for

    Thanks for any help :smile:
  6. No not myself but Ive ordered off enough sites :lol: thats usually what it means but I could be wrong!
  7. :p
    i was just asking because im getting confused with the sizings.
  8. I have ordered from the site my true UK size is a 5.5 so I buy a 38.5 from the website in certain styles!
    So if you are a UK 6.5 and you want a true sizing shoe you will need a 39.5 from the website!

    But sizing and fit all depends on the fit of that particular style shoe not what the website says!
    For example in the Lady peep style I am a 38.5 but in the Pigalle 120mm style I am a 37.5!
    HTH :smile:
  9. :smile: Thank you!
    I was just getting confused as they have france louboutin sizing, UK sizing and the italian sizing too.
    But thanks for the info!:smile:
  10. I just go by UK to EU sizing for the EU website
  11. Thanks Il go for the EU sizing too.
  12. I dunno where you live but just a note, to order from the European site, you must be located in Europe and your billing address must match the shipping address :yes:
  13. Im from the uk :smile: