Size 7 1/2: An Elegy*

  1. There once was a time I had faith in shoe sales
    I'd dutifully go to each one!
    Any store, any season, I'd be there for the deals
    'Cause scoring a deal's so much fun!

    Here in New York it's called "Lucky Size"--
    Where whatever they have's on display--
    And I'd dig through the racks with a mission in mind;
    I could sort through those sale shoes all day!

    But as months turned to years I've come to conclude,
    After so many sales' hopes have been dashed,
    That "Lucky Size" isn't lucky for me.
    My size means "pay full price, in cash."

    Size seven and a half, it turns out
    is America's most common size--the "mode".
    And even if you're willing to wear a size eight
    It still doesn't lighten the load.

    No, Lucky Size is for sixes and tens
    (and for sizes above and below too).
    If you're a kid or a giant you really ARE lucky
    All the shoe sales are really for YOU!

    *If you have any question whether this poem reflects the reality of my situation, please check out Bluefly. Compare what JCs and CLs are available for size 6 or 10....with what's available for sizes 7.5 and 8.
  2. Cute! And I wholeheartedly agree. (I'm size 7 1/2)
  3. Haha, love this. However, being an, ahem, GIANT (9-10ish), I still hate those cute, small footed gals.. :p
  4. This is true. I find it's harder to find good styles on sale in my size 7 or 7.5. That's why almost all of my nine CLs have been bought for full price. I only lucked out once in getting a pair for half off. I think sales are a matter of timing. You have to be at the store or online at the exact time your size is available.
  5. Yup, I'm a size 7 and I can rarely find the shoes I like in my size :sad:
  6. I'm a 6-6.5 and it's definitely a nice size to be. I love that i can always try on the models! heh
  7. Are the manufactuers making the shoes smaller? Years ago I could fit a size 7 (and I have those shoes from years ago to prove it), but now it seems I'm more of a 7 1/2. What goes?
  8. LOL, that was way cute...I'm in complete agreement...7.5 here too!!!
  9. FINALLY someone understands my pain ...I was whining to my boyfriend about this the other day im a 7-7.5 ALWAYS never a 6.5 or an 8.....ugh!
  10. Oh, my sweet darling, I am afraid you may be a victim of Aging Feet. This is the well-documented phenomenon by which people's feet continue to grow (albeit VERY VERY SLOWLY) throughout their lives, but never to a large enough size to take any advantage of shoe sales. Women's feet also notoriously re-size themselves PERMANENTLY after childbirth...which of course is the main reason I'm putting it off. How could I live if I had to replace all my precious babies in the next higher size?! What an expensive proposition!
  11. :roflmfao:

    This is precisely the reason I give BF when he starts talking about kids. I'm still trying to convince him it's a legit excuse, but he only half contemplates it when I point out HE'D have to replace every single shoe in my shoe closet. Not only will it be crazy expensive, but impossible, being that I want the EXACT same styles... That should keep him and his baby dreams at bay for a while... *evil laugh*
  12. Agreed. 8 in sneakers, but 7.5 in heels.
  13. hahaa, I'm so with you on this one!!!
  14. Maybe you're right and my feet are growing and I just don't want to admit it. Help! I need my size 7 feet back!
  15. It's so weird my feet were larger when I was in my teens (8.5-9) and now I'm 7.5. What gives??