size 28 or 32 Kelly?

  1. hi you all, i've been going to the Hermes store @ south coast recently to see if they have any kelly's in stock and found no luck!! i'm thinking about purchasing a togo kelly in either blue jean or gold! the only thing i'm torn about is the size, since i've had no luck lately at seeing them in the stores, i would have no way on comparing it side by side, with that said.......i'm looking for all your help!! i know that size 28 and 32 seems to be the most popular sizes for kelly, and please correct me if i'm wrong!! my question is, i wonder what fits in a 28 vs. 32 does anyone here have pics of themselves with both sizes? note that i'm 5'10 and i wonder if that makes a difference on which size i should go for!!! please help, i would also appreciate it if you all can share ur opinion on which leather would go best on the kelly as well as color! although i'm careful with my bags, i'd prefer something more practical and doesn't require too much attention interms of getting it dirty or scratched, like the box....(it looks amazing) but not for me since i'd scratch it up within the first hour!!! thanks again you all!!!!:confused1: :idea:
  2. Oooo ... this has been discussed multiple times. Search the archives for old discussions. Treasure trove of opinions and loads of pics too.
  3. 5'10"....I'd go for a 32.
  4. Yep! 32cm all the way!!!

    Um.....and can you throw a few inches my way?
  5. shop mom, ur so cute...i'd love too, that is if we can find a way!!! lol
  6. I am 5.10 and wear a 28 Kelly, it looks perfect. I prefer the 28 as to me the larger sizes look less graceful and you lose a little of the traditional Kelly look, but these are only my opinions, go with what you feel most comfortable with.
  7. Are you swaying more towards one than the other? The small things that can make a difference are the style, I believe the sellier style appears larger than the retourne style, also the colour, lighter ones such as gold 'advance' and appear larger than black and dark colours which retreat and appear smaller. So for example if you like the idea of a 28cm Kelly but think perhaps you ought to have a 32cm because of your height, then a 28 sellier in gold would look pretty much the same size as a 32cm retourne in black, know what I mean?

    Here's a pic to show you two Bolides, the smaller orange 1923 is 29 or 30 cm against the larger 31cm dark blue Bolide yet the orange appears larger in my mind, it's not a perfect example as the handles have different drops and there's only a cm or two between them but colour does have a big impact I think:

  8. Hello, Sophia.... many of us like to have several sizes for use in differing situations. for example, the 28cm to dinner and 35 to the office. My 32 goes just about anywhere and yesterday went to lunch then shopping.

    Kelly is so used to being called on to go many different places. And so it's neat to have this style in differing sizes and colors/skins:smile:
  9. Obviously all individual - I am 5'7" and tried the 32 but it was always an awkward size for me. I like the 28 better personally. The 28 is definately harder to find. I have been waiting for one for some time now.
  10. ITA!
    Dark colors recede and bright colors visually expands.
  11. 32cm
  12. I'd go for a 32cm Retourne in Togo; in BJ or Gold, I think it would look lovely. I'm 5'3" and love both the 28cm and the 32cm. Because you have a few extra inches on me, I think the 32 would work beautifully on you. It also depends if you're used to smaller or bigger bags, want a more formal or casual look.
  13. I have 28's and actually have sold some off because I couldn't fit enough in. I am 5'3" and next time around will get a 32.
  14. I would like to get a 32 as well. (5'7):yahoo: