Size 14 to 16...yeah I said it...

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  1. I'm just wondering if there are any more gals like me on here.. I wear a 16 sometimes a 14 and I'm PROUD!!:love: What I really want to know is if there are any of ya'll out there ..where do you get cute jeans, tees and dresses...most of the clothing posts on here only apply to our smaller size help a gal out and let me know where I should be looking!

    Still sending :love: to the size12 and under crowd!!!
  2. Wow, you must have a hard time shopping in Asia! I had a hard time even finding a pair of size 8 1/2 shoes when I was in Japan, and nothing there looked bigger than a six in clothes. Anyway, I am not particularly proud to large right now; but I'm working with it for the moment and have not yet embraced *the diet*.

    As far as jeans go, I love Lane Bryants Venezia jeans - particularly the easy fit jeans (now on sale at $29.99.) The color is particularly nice - a medium slightly-faded blue, rather than indigo. And mail order is as quick as it can be here in the US, plus returns are easy and they give an immense amount of time for them - I'm not sure there actually is a cutoff. I've also tried Lane Bryants tops, and think the quality is surprisingly nice for the price, especially on basics. I tend not to go for anything too trendy, so pretty much I've stuck to basics, but looking at their website, they seem to have a lot of nice things.

    Besides LB, I do most of my shopping at Saks' Salon Z, and try to get Dana Buchman, Eileen Fisher, and Sigrid Olson clothes on sale. The one fabulous advantage to being size 14/16 is that we're able to shop both the misses' and womens' departments. That makes it even easier to find great stuff on sale. I'd love to hear of any good sources you find!

    PS: you look a lot like my middle school best friend!

    I don't have any suggestions but this post really made me smile because women are beautiful no matter what sizes they come in and it really makes me sad when a woman is not happy with their beauty. I'm glad you are though.

  4. Same here, babe, same here!
    I'm a proud 12/14 - NOT fat, just thick (with 36DDD's, hahaha)

    I've found some pretty decent stuff @ TJMaxx actually, but that varies...I love Neiman's bc they have such variety - I've had luck w/ Tahari and some Marc Jacobs. I love knits and stretchy stuff, so it's usually not too hard to find a Large to stretch out :biggrin:.
    I even found a cute (and not too slash-your-wrists-y) dress and jacket @ Hot Topic last week!

    Basically, just shop around at stores you know carry many different brands and styles - something has to work eventually.

    A word of warning:
    Don't even bother with @ Guess or Bebe- everything there, although reasonably cute, must be for anorexic midgets or something, plus everyone and their dog is all over that stuff.

    Hope this is useful :smile:
  5. I love you gals!! :love: Unfortunately shopping around isn't a option while I live here in mail-order is my BEST friend!!
    I just really want a super cute summer dress..not too dressy..that'll look fab on me..

    Eucci..I used to be a 46 H ..I had a breast reduction though and now I'm a 38 C..much more manageble for me!

    Coco...I used to be a size 26 I lost 110 pounds (it took me 10 long years) and Life is too short not to embrace the body you have now!!I'm sure you're lovely!! what was your friends name? Maybe we're twins!!!
  6. I'm a size 8 HOWEVER I have been a 14 and a 6..... I have been on a diet since I was 12 years old!!! ANYWAY, have a look at Ann I find I can always find a great dress there no matter my size. Also nordstroms...Maggy London has great dresses.....generous in size...I find high end designers run small (damn it) also, Nordstroms has wonderful tunics which look fantastic with jeans. Just type tunic into the search engine and away you go!! Banana Republic has great jeans, also try pure color jeans...size 32 runs on the large side...I have other ideas but I can'e seem to remember right now! (I just woke up....I will come back to this). OH! Nordstroms has a wonderful feature where you can choose the shape you are and find what is best for your shape.
  7. Def try They have the best summer dresses!!!

    Me too. I love J Jill, Lands End (the best jeans), Ralph Lauren, Dana Buchman, Jones NY, Steinmart, Eileen Fisher,
  8. size 16 and proud. i'm on a diet, but it's just so i can buy cuter clothes! i don't have any, like, psychological problems with my size, i've never had a problem finding guys that didn't have a problem with it, and i'm happy with myself. i just want to wear Sevens! lol. it'd odd, though, i can't shop in plus size stores or departments - everything is cut too big for me. apparently i'm only plus-sized around my waist. i usually wear skirts (jeans aren't comfortable and never cut right for my body shape) and they're fairly easy to find because they can be elastic-waisted and you can wear them at whatever point between navel and hip that you find comfy.

    skirts i mostly get from gap or old navy because then i can get an 18 if i need one or anywhere that carries a L or XL in skirts that stretch - express, occasionally jcrew, etc. tops i can get more or less anywhere as long as they're not button-ups (boobies get in the way!) because i usually wear an XL in those and some places don't make XL.

    for all you super-fashionable women out there that are my size, i suggest or maxstudio stores. they go up to an XL in everything they make! they also carry size 14, which is nice since most upscale labels only go to 10, 12 if we're lucky, but most of their stuff is according to the XS-XL scale. hope y'all like it!
  9. I agree with mello jen, I'm really happy to see ladies of any size embracing their own beauty rather than desperately always wanting more. It's pretty hard to find anything large in Asia.. I was considered "big" and I'm a size 0-2. Ugh, what a blow to the self esteem !

    Have you ever thought about getting stuff tailor-made ? It might be a nicer alternative, and there are a lot of expert seamstresses around. I hope you keep us up to date on your quest for fabulous clothes ! ;)
  10. I'm on Weight Watchers now (mainly for dance) and I'm a 10/12, but I used to be a 16/18. I used to live in Torrid, they have the cutest clothes! Lots of jeans, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, blazers, really cute stuff. And American Eagle makes jeans up to an 18, but you have to order them through the site, and they're cut like a size smaller than what they are, so even though you may be a 14, you would probably have to get a 16.
  11. yay! :smile:

    It also makes me smile when women are able to radiate self-confidence! Seriously, I'm envious of it. :smile: I'm constantly battling with myself to drop from a 4 to a 2- I overanylize every part of my body, and I rarely like how I look, what's your secret?!?! :biggrin:

    PS. Ayla! I'm so sorry you fel big when you were that small, hopefully you know you're obviously teeny tiny!
  12. :smile:
  13. So i know this is like OT but i'm not so happy w/my body weight.
    im super tiny. 5'1'' but only weight 90 lbs. ok, i lied, only weight 85 lbs. Dunno what happen, i keep losing weight. My most healthy weight was when i was 15, weight 97 lbs. But that was like 10 yrs ago. :o( Any advice how to gain weight? btw, i eat like a pig.
  14. Be proud. I LOVE my super curvy Asian body (size 8) and my relatively large breasts and butt! Love yourself, you're fabulous!!! :smile: Let's break those stereotypes!
  15. You probably have an insanely fast metablosim, I know this girl who also eats a lot and she's 5'3" and weighs 98 lbs.

    If you're unhappy with how you look, I would definitly reccomend going to the doctors and talking about your diet and how gaining weight is something you'd like to do. ( just during a regular check-up.) Perhaps they can reccomend a nutritionist, or a personal trainer- so you can gain weight and tone up ( so muscle adds some bulk on you!)

    I hope it all goes well, I'm sure that girls who are super-small get negative reactions to their weight just as easily as people on the opposite side of the spectrum.

    If nothing you can do helps- and as long as your healthy, learn to embrace your body!

    goood luck! haha, I'm late for class!