Size 11 shoes

  1. any ladies with size 11 feet? i'm supposedly a 10.5 but an 11 just feels so much better, esp. after pregnancy when my feet grew a teeny bit. i'm looking to invest in some good designer heels. i want some recommendations of designers who'd be good for women with larger size feet. i've had good luck with stuart weitzman so far but want to diversify a bit.

    thanks! :heart:
  2. Marc Jacobs always goes to an 11. Also Tods and Prada.
  3. cool! thanks jayne1!
  4. sucks, doesn't it?

    manolo and jimmy choo also run to an 11 - in fact, i think they often run to 12. i've found manolo runs a teensy bit small...i'd go for a 41.5 or 42 instead of a 41 in manolo. NM is pretty good about stocking up to 42 in both.

    loeffler randall runs a lot of 11s. also sigerson morrison, though rarely in the "belle" line. and delman is another good designer that goes up to 11. i've actually had a really hard time finding marc jacobs and tods in 11....they do make them, but they make so few that you really have to be on your game to snag them!

    some great online shops:,,, (though i'm not crazy about their designer selection)
  5. Coach goes to size 11.
  6. I am a frequent buyer of Gucci and Chanel shoes in size 11 and 42 respectively.

    I also like Carlos Santana and Nine West.

    I often see Christian Louboutin in size 42 but I've never bought any.
  7. hi honey - i have similar problems with larger wider feet but a love for beautiful designer shoes. some of the better fitting size 11s include kenneth cole, coach, ferragamo, christian lacroix, ralph laurens. i've tried jimmy choos, manolos, pradas but still hit and miss. if you or anyone else has shoes to either sell, trade or wish to buy, please send me an email at hugs, stephanie
  8. Nordstroms carries a good selection, their online site is great. I have luck with J crew shoes too, I usually stock up on their sales. I have some Kate Spade which are cute. There are shoes out there you just have to find a large store which carries them but I find out that I seem to do better online.
    Good luck.