Six Weeks on the Purse Forum = 20 Balenciagas

  1. My six weeks on the Balenciaga thread have been so addictive. Six Weeks = 20 Balenciagas! I'm ready to start posting some photos - these aren't all of the handbags - I'm still waiting for some to arrive. Two of the bags were purchased from BalNY and the rest were purchased on eBay. I forgot the sky blue city and a cornflower blue make-up bag - those were in another room. I am waiting for four bags to be delivered. But here are the ones that have arrived:

    From left to right:

    Chocolate (Marron) 2005 Work Bag; 2005 Apple Green Work Bag; 2006 Cornflower Blue Twiggy; 2007 Vert d'eau Twiggy; 2004 Rose Twiggy; 2006 Emerald Twiggy; 2005 Rouge Theatre Shopping Bag; 2006 Toile Black Leather Trimmed Bag; 2004 Rose First; 2006 Grey First; 2003 Suede Multi-zip Bag; 2002 Caramel Flat Brass First; 2005 Magenta City; 2006 Blueberry City.

    On their way: 2004 Pistachio City; 2004 Marigold First; 2005 Pewter City; 2004 Chocolate Shearling. Waitlisted for a 2007 Aquamarine.

    I love every single one of them! And my sixteen year old daughter loves them too! :love: I let her carry my Chloe Paddingtons, but I'm not sure about the B-Bags. ;)
  2. STUNNING! Quite a 6 weeks you've had! I love the variety of colours you've chosen, they are just beautiful! Can't wait to see the new arrivals too!
  3. talk about jumping in with both feet...! :smile: this forum will do that to you, i've found.

    congrats on all your gorgeous finds - and you certainly found some coveted bags. your rouge theatre shopping is to die for! :drool:
  4. WOW!!! Thats a lot of bags in 6 weeks!!! WOW!
  5. Congrats! I am impressed. :yes:
  6. damn...that is some collection in such a short period of time..congrats!
  7. OMG! Wow! 20 bags in 6 weeks, you have been shopping, congrats!
  8. [​IMG]

    WOW!! What a fabulous collection and fabulous presentation! DIVE!!!!!

    Great sofa! I'm in love with your sofa!!!
  9. :nuts: Wow! Your collection is gorgeous, lovelygarments!! Great colors!! :love: Congrats!!!
  10. Wow! Beautiful collection! Congratulations!
  11. Geez Louise woman! Everything about that picture screams gorgeous, right down to the glimpse of that TDF couch. Cute cute cute! Hehe, you make me feel not so bad about my recent shrug purchase 3 mos after I broke my Bbag cherry.
  12. Wow, what a collection. I hear ya about how addictive the Balenciaga subforum can be.
  13. WOAH! you got them all in 6 weeks? that's gotta be a record there ;)
  14. Thanks bella sarafina! I have to thank larnette for the rouge theatre shopping - she posted the list from BalNY, and it showed that they still had it in stock. So, I was able to buy it new from Balenciaga. :heart:
  15. WOW!!!!!!! :nuts:

    Great collection!!!!!!! That must have been THE most fun 6 weeks ever!!!!!!