*siworae's collection*

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  1. Hi, everyone! I finally got around to taking some pics. I can't fit everything in one photo, so this is only about 3/4 of my collection thus far. Sorry for the mess... I am in the middle of packing/moving things. I will probably add more pics later on when I'm more organized (or when I add more bags to my growing collection)! ;)

  2. wow, very nice :smile:
  3. nice collection!
  4. Wow, :heart: it. I have that same Coach scribble pouch.
  5. Wonderful collection :biggrin:
    thanks for sharing!
  6. Wonderful collection, I love the BH!
  7. love your Gucci's!
  8. great collection,thanks for sharing
  9. Great collection! Love your Gucci's.
  10. Love the LV Lexington!
  11. Love your collection:drool: :drool: .Thanks for sharing :heart:
  12. Very chic!
  13. Wow, what an amazing collection!! :nuts: You obviously love your Gucci! :P

    - ÄiÐêN :smile:
  14. nice collection!!loving the guccis
  15. Beautiful collection ... love everything especially the Gucci bags!
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