Situation about returning my silver CDC bracelet

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  1. Hey everyone, I got a little situation when returning my silver CDC bracelet in the US.

    I bought the bracelet in Paris back in July for my mom, but when she tried it on she thought it was too heavy for her and she didn't want it. The bracelet is never used and stored in its box since then. I brought it back to the US and thought I could return it in my local Hermes store for store credit for something else.

    I went to the store yesterday and my SA said she had to ask the manager to check the bracelet, so I waited. But when she came back she said the store couldn't take it back because there were scratches on it! I was so upset at that time that I didn't even look at the scratches she was referring to. But when I got home and started to check the bracelet, I realized the scratches were not done by me or my mom! If anyone had seen a CDC bracelet, you will know that there is a circle ring that is hanging loosely on the bracelet, and that ring swing to either side, so when the ring touches the bracelet, it scratches a little bit since its made of silver. So those scratches are not made intentionally, it's just the nature of the bracelet (hope everyone understand what I mean).

    I don't know what I should do now, should I go to my SA and explain this to her and see if she can do something? Because if I do not return it, it will be sitting in my home forever!
  2. You should go and tell her that!
    Btw, can I ask how much this CDC is? I love it!
  3. It's 2385 euro after de-tax :smile: I realized the problem is that the bracelet should all come with a plastic wrap around the little ring, and mine doesn't, so I really need to talk to them!
  4. Hi! I am so sorry to hear about the issue you are having with the CDC bracelet. Do you have a regular SA that you work with in your area? If so, I recommend that you deal directly with someone who knows you and has a history with you. You have a better chance of making a successful return with someone you have an established relationship. May I ask how long it has been since your date of purchase? Sadly, I think the "official return policy" is only !0 days of purchase with original receipt. I am not !00% sure of this, but I think this is accurate. If you are not able to return it, you can try selling it on ebay or give to consignment shop. Best of luck to you... let us know what happens!
  5. omg! Yes I totally understood what you meant, and mine has the exact same thing!!!

    It's just when it rest it creates this marking, not sure if it's a "scratch" because when I touch it, it doesn't feel like one, it feels more like a marking!

    You should totally argue with that and tell her that it's the nature of the bracelet that it creates this markings. and I can provide this picture for you if you wish to prove to her that it doesn't happen only on yours but others too!

    By the way is it an exotic CDC? cause I bought mine in HK in Epsom and it wasn't even this expensive
  6. I have a regular SA and she was the one turned me down yesterday :sad: Even though the return policy says 10 days, since I have been buying from them for almost a year now and they know me pretty well, they allow me to return it if the bracelet is in perfect condition. I am going to the store again and I will let you know what happened :smile:
  7. Thats right! Even if we do not wear it it has this thing on itself! This is an all silver cdc, no leather :smile:
  8. I would ask to speak with the store manager. If they can't resolve the issue with an exchange, then check with some of the reputable consignment shops / resellers about their policies and fees. This is a hard to find item, so you should be able to get close to your investment price even with a consignor's fee.
  9. My SA talked to the manager already yesterday, and it was the manager that won't let me allow the return
  10. I am so sorry to hear this. When I bought my all silver CDC, it too had the marks you describe with no plastic. Many people had tried it on and this is what happens. You must march back into your store and talk until they take it back. Often, sadly, we as customers know more about products than our sa's. That is a fact---many will attest. Move from sa, to manager and stay nice, of course. Have them call corporate if you must.... Good luck and let us know how things go.
  11. I am going to the store again. I think the problem is I didn't buy it from my local store. My SA told me she will ask the manager to contact the original Paris store I bought the bracelet with and see if they will do anything. This is just so upset for me...
  12. Hi Chuhanwtf,
    I'm sorry this happened to you. I know how you feel. I had similar experience and needless to say it was quite a drama on the day. Some of their product were in less than perfect condition but when you want to return/exchange it, they wouldn't accept it saying that it has this and that.
    Stand on your ground but still keep your cool and be polite, and if possible, talk to the Manager directly and have your regular SA to take your side. It'll help a bit if he/she sympathize with your situation.
    *touch wood* If nothing works, try to sell it and get break even at least. Who knows you might make a bit more money out of it. :smile: Good luck!
  13. Thank you for your suggestion! I will talk to my SA again today, hopefully they can do something about it.
  14. People are so very picky about CDCs and other stuff they buy from H. I got a CDC that was on display and it had no plastic on it. People asked if it was used.

    I can imagine that they will have a hard time selling it if it has marks on it -- even if they happened in the store. JHMO. But it is a hot item, so you may get lucky.
  15. I tried on the all silver Kelly dog in the store and noticed that it also had scratches around the clasp mechanism because of the fact you need to squeeze it to open it... Hermes should really give you store's not like you are asking for your money back.