sitting in my hotel room, gazing lovingly at my black reissue

  1. i love the chain. I think that's my favorite thing about the reissue, and ironically, the first thing to turn me off to the bags Chanel makes that I don't like.

    Does anyone share this chain infatuation? For example, love the body style of medallion tote, but would never get it -- no chains. Love the body style of the modern chains, but hate the chain so it's a no go... etc. etc.
  2. The chains are my favorite part of the bag too! Nobody does the chain like Chanel!
  3. Me too! I bought the bag for the chain and I love it!! (Even tough it tangles... )
  4. I love the chain part :smile:
    The reissue is stunning!
  5. i also love the chain parts on all chanels...

    and it's so cute picturing u're admiring that in the hotel room LOL.

    when i got my coco cabas bag, i was getting it at the post office, and i open the package there and sitting admiring the bag while smiling a big smile.
    i think people must've thought i'm crazay :p
  6. I LOOOVE chains...on my Chanels AND my MJ stam... :love: :yes:
  7. oh yeah, def. the stam too :yes:
  8. I'm with you, Lovey. That's why it took me two trips to NM to pick out my first Chanel! I WANTED that silly chain! The chain, quilting and the CC on something metal. I never even touched the medallion tote until the second trip because it didn't have that wretched chain! Once I looked inside and saw the leather interior and realized it also had the quilting and if I stretched it, the medallion is attached with a (ta da!) CHAIN, that sold me on it.

    Of course I never really got cured of the chain fetish until I got my yummy Ultimate soft messenger bag on Monday with its CHAIN handle. :tender:

    Now I've got all the Chanel hallmarks, I just have to carry a bag on each shoulder to have them all at the same time.:upsidedown:
  9. I always look at the chain, and it steers me whether or not to buy a bag in some cases.
  10. I used to hate the chain, then, one day, with no reasonable explanation, I loved them. It was scary, really.
  11. I just saw some Chanels at NM and there are quite a few bags with the heaviest chains I've ever seen. One bag, in particular, was very soft and squishy, but it had these heavy chains. Did some novice designer think this was worthy of the Chanel name? It was so unbalanced from a design perspective.
  12. The reissue does have the best chain -- so detailed.
  13. I too fell in love with the chain on the re-issue. :love: I love the rest of the bag as well, but that chain is just gorgeous!

    I think one thing I like about the chain straps is that something as industrial as a chain is made to look so feminine and classy.
  14. ABSOLUTELY! i'm the same-- i may love the "body" of the bag, but if i'm not a fan of the chains (quoting the same example of the modern chain range, loved the bags, hated the modern chain straps), i wouldn't buy the bag. In my eyes it wouldn't be the "perfect" chanel bag for me, so i just wouldn't get it.
    i love the chain straps on the reissue, and the chain straps on the mademoiselles... which is why i ended up getting a mademoiselle, partly because i really liked the chain straps on it! :biggrin:
  15. Nothing Better Than The Chain:heart:

    I Have To Agree The Chain On The Reissue Is Just Magnificent!!!!