Sitting here on hold waiting for the fraud dept for Bloomingdales

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  1. :mad::mad:I have, nope, I had nearly $700 in loyalist points. That is because someone spent them. Now I sit here waiting for fraud to answer the phone, waiting 30 minutes. So I don't know if this is a bigger problem than just mine.

    I suggest if you have loyalist cards, go check your balance to make sure you still have them.
  2. Did they tell you how they were spent and by whom?
  3. They said someone used the numbers to order online and ship to another state. It took 4 hours on hold until someone could help me. Now I have to send them all this info and ask them to reissue my reward cards, which will take approx 30 days, that is if they approve it. They would not tell me who or where.

    I'm fuming mad. I don't even feel like buying my shoes now, on sale with my birthday discount! :pout:

    Not the best of birthdays.
  4. So sorry, I hope you get this resolved. Happy Birthday!!
  5. Thank you! I just hope no one else's Bloomingdales reward account was hacked into.
  6. This totally sucks. I hope they get to the bottom of this. You deserve a fun birthday. Something good will happen for you. Hang in there.
  7. OMG I had $9.00 left and I just checked. Gone! You would think that they could had stopped them from using the last dollar? I don't think they take this very seriously.
  8. Hi, this just happened to me and was wondering if they had resolved it? And how long did it take?

    Thank you
  9. I believe this happens when they ask for your phone number to look up your loyalist account. Be aware of your surroundings and who’s around... people love to pick up on random phone numbers and use them as theirs when shopping hoping to score big into someone’s rewards stash!

    I’ve heard stories... and the SA’s don’t make it any better when they say.. “Oh Hey! You have $100 dollars in rewards, would you like to use today?!?!?!” ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️
  10. Yes, probably. It's really annoying as I have to now wait for them to investigate. I'm really disappointed in Bloomingdale's customer service because they basically said they don't have a time frame. I just need to wait... smh
  11. Oh my gosh I have the SA calling me reminding me that mine are about to expire. They changed the program that if you do a return they deduct an amount from your points. If you have no points and do a return you will be in a negative balance.