Sitting back and enjoying what I have for now...

  1. I realised that I have alot of FLAP bags! Out of 7 bags I have, 5 are flaps! That doesn't include 1 more on the way, the 227 Metallic Black reissue :wtf:

    They are impractical but I love them so! :heart: I love iconic classic pieces and steer away from the trendy ones. But I realise I got to stop buying flaps after the metallic black reissue. There comes to a point where I need to buy bags that are practical and I'm inching into the big bag department, I still love small bags and will never let go of my 225 reissues though! :smile:

    Well I was bored today and I'm unwinding from my Toronto vacation... I took pics of my beloved flaps.. :rolleyes:
    Amateur advertisement photog here.. hehehe


    pictured here are:
    S/S 2006 Coral Pink Lambskin E/W
    F/W 2006 Black Diamond Shine Flap
    F/W 2006 Bordeaux 225 Reissue
    Cruise 2007 Dark Silver 225 Reissue
    Classic Flap in Beige with Gold hardware




  2. LOVE!!!!

    Why do you say they are impractical?? Is it b-cuz of the size?

    I have jumbos and i think they are great..

  3. ^^ Impractical is such a harsh word maybe? I've gotten busier and busier at work lately and rely on my Gerard Darel Charlotte or vintage Speedy 30 almost 24/7. I can throw those bags around like nothing but not these Chanel babies.. hehe
  4. Oh wow! That's just fabulous! Can't wait to see the metallic black added to that beautiful collection!
  5. LOL Anne! I might ended up like you! I love flaps too even though yeah, it's a bit impractical to have too many flap bags... Ei.. Can you do me a modelling pics of comparison between the Reissue in 225 and the Medium Classic Flap? Thanks! :biggrin:

    I love your bags!! Definitely!! You have some great taste when it comes to flaps! ;)
  6. Thanks for posting pics of your flaps! I LOVE them all! All different from eachother and I can see them fulfilling "different purposes". :biggrin: Some say fun summer day, some say girls night out, but ALL say "my owner is styling!"

    Very very pretty!
  7. Ooh love the pics!!! They are all so different !! Im flap crazy too!! I have two flaps coming to me and can't wait!! I think as long as you vary in either size, color, or leather, you're ok. If you USE them, then its totally worth it and not impractical.
  8. They are all beautiful! I love flaps too. I have 3 now, but plan on getting more. Congrats! That black reissue will fit in nicely with your collection!
  9. nice collection, love the stacking pic.
  10. they are really pretty!
    i'm still waiting to own my first flap from chanel!
    maybe xmas? haha long way to gooo
  11. the stacking pic is a RIOT! I love all your bags!
  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your flaps. All we need is flaps or love as the Beatles would say.
  13. What you have is quite FABULOUS!!! I love your dark silver!! :heart::heart: I want too!!
  14. Beautiful eye candy! Love them all.
  15. I love flaps too, you have a good collection, they are the same and yet different, the color selection is perfect...