Sitings of Small Classic Double Flap in Black Lambskin Silver in US?

  1. Hi fellow Chanel lovers!

    Did anyone recently see a small classic double flap in black lambskin silver by any chance? I tried Neiman Marcus, but they said they don't order it. I might try calling several different places to find out but I thought I might have better luck with any information from you ladies directly.

    I've always seen many medium and jumbo's but not so much the smaller size. Thank you in advance!
  2. there's a Pink Caviar w/Gold hw in Saks, San Antonio, TX, ask Brandi and tell her Marisa send you, if u want to get it :smile:
  3. Try calling Saks in NYC, I saw it in the store this evening.
  4. Try the Chanel boutique on Madison Avenue -- (212) 535-5505; they had quite a few recently ask for Ms. Rowe, she's a wonderful SA.
  5. Thank you everyone! You guys are so helpful~~ I ended up finding it at the NYC 57th store on this past weekend. It was incredibaly busy in there!
  6. yeah, so you get the bag already? Can't wait for the pix, glad you made it before the price hike!