Sites with Free Shipping/Discounts

  1. Neiman Marcus Gift Card Event Earn up to a $500 gift card with regular-price purchase with code NMSHOP - Click or tap to check it out!
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  1. JCrew: code FS1217 valid thru Wed, Dec 19th (Free Shipping) Not sure if it is guaranteed. At the bottom of email it says good on regular shipping of 4-7 days
    20% off Sweaters for 2 todays, code SWEATER

    BlueFly: Free Shipping UPGRADE plus 10% off everything today (Monday) Guaranteed by Christmas Eve

    Borders: 40% off any box set dvds with membership rewards
    40% off any book (ends today, Monday) Free super saving shipping (ends today, MOnday) Free shipping on all orders until Friday, Dec. 21st 8am guaranteed by Christmas Eve (Free overnighting on Friday) 20% of all gifts plus free shipping (ends today at 3 pacific) 20% off all items
  2. Free standard shipping orders over $150. Arrives by Christmas if ordered by Wednesday, dec. 19th.
  3. World Market: Order $150 or more thru tonight, get $25 gift card
    Free Shipping thru Dec 18th, code FREESHIPXMAS correction: 25% off all items (not 20%)
  4. BlueFly: 10% off today plus free shipping upgrade

    JCrew: Free shipping plus upgrade on $175 or more, code JINGLE Free upgrade to two day express shipping

    Origins: 25% off in stores w/ printed coupon (see below)
  5. I think its free delivery but it is hard to understand..the link says free delivery but the thing says cost 20$..that may mean you have to spend 20$ to get it free. Express shipping deadline Dec. 21st, Friday by 10am pacific time.
  6. BlueFly: extra 20% off today 20% off any order of 100$ or more thru Christmas, code HOLIDAY20

    Etronics: Save extra 5% off when using Google Checkout If you make a purchase b/w now and Christmas, Kenneth Cole will email you a code for 20% off in January.

    RedEnvelope: Free 2 day shipping when you use mastercard. Ends December 20th. Free shipping + upgrade if you order by 9 eastern on $175 or more. code SANTA
  7. Free 2-day shipping on all orders