Sites that Buy or Trade Watches?

  1. sigh...I bought an Omega constellation watch in rose gold/stainless last year, for my birthday. But I have decided that what I really want is a basic Cartier tank with a leather band.

    I am not a watch collector, so buying the Cartier and then having two nice watches does not appeal to me. I like to wear the same watch every day.
    Does anyone know of any on-line sites that buy watches, or offers trades? I can't find anything locally. (Richmond, VA) I had not considered selling my watch on eBay- but what do you all think?
  2. You could try Tourneau; I know they accept trade ins but I am not sure if they can be done on line. I have not personally used them, but I think they give a very nice credit toward your new purchase, and they do sell Cartier.
  3. Do they sell chanel j12 watches?
  4. Tourneau sells just about every major brand imaginable. However, I don't think they sell Chanel. I think the only place to get Chanel J12s is from Chanel directly.
  5. try they focus on luxury good auctions and i know they used to have a store on eBay and now theyre on their own. good luck!
  6. Tourneau told me that they do not sell Chanel, but you may want to check with your local store because I think the "authorized" brands reflect the umbrella company, not the individual shops (if that makes sense). That is, they are not able to sell new Chanel, but may be able to sell it as a trade-in.