Sites/Sellers for Authentic Goods & Vice Versa

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  1. I have just responded to a thread inquiring about a particular online website, and whether or not the site sells 'authentic' Balenciaga bags. This is the second time I have replied about the same site.

    I think it might be a good idea to have two sections:

    1) Websites that Sell Authentic Goods - we then may want to create
    sub-sections for the 'types' of bags (e.g., Balenciaga, Chloe, etc.)
    2) Websites that DO NOT Sell Authentic Goods - similar to the above
    3) eBay Sellers: "Avoid" List - kind of self-explanatory; a list of eBay
    sellers that we know sell fakes
    4) eBay Sellers: "Authentic" Goods - similar to above, but we know that
    the seller sells authentic goods

    What do you folks think? This way, we can all do "one-stop" shopping (so to speak :nuts: !!!)
  2. I second with CJ's proposal. I think that's a great idea! What do u think Vlad?
  3. I completely agree. I'll look into it! ;)
  4. brilliant! this would definitely work for me!\

    why do i keep looking for a great/good deal---- although all the while being sooooo pessimistic? i think i have a problem...... yes, yes i do have a problem..... especially when one of you gets the good deal!
  5. GREAT IDEA! does this!
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