Sites like ibuydenim

  1. I know slyfashions is associated with the same company. Any others?

    I know they sell fakes. I'm a model, and had modeled their jeans for them before I knew they were selling fakes. Fact is, slyfashions shut down and ibuydenim is now closed for construction, and obviously something weird is going on, but, I just want to see my photos, and the guy who hired me is not returning my calls, and is sending me to voicemail when his phone is on.

    Ugh. If you have any information, I'd really appriciate it.
  2. I did some digging.

    Affiliated sites:

    all .coms

    I know these products, because I modeled them all. But none of my photos are anywhere! So if you know any other sites like these, owned by the same sleezy scam-artists who are selling these fakes, let me know.
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