Sites for organic, all natural items for the home?

  1. I'm going to the organic side:smile: & I'm not really talking about food so much as household items. I've never really thought that much about it in the past. We've always recycled but that's just about it. The other night, I was on & they have a really nice section of "natural" items. Everything you could want. Then I had an epiphany. I should do this! So I ordered organic laundry detergent, household soap & cleaners, dishwasher detergent, toothpaste, throat drops, baby wash, shampoo, man.. too much to note. I had no idea how much all natural/organic stuff was out there! While I'm not replacing everything (do you know they have washable/reusable maxi pads?! sorry mother earth, not going there!) it's a good start.

    While trying to do good for the planet, it feels good that I can reduce the chemicals I expose my family too! I was wondering if anyone had any other good sites to share~ Thanks!
  2. Oprah had a show on this a couple weeks ago.
    She had several types of organic products on.
    I think the main one was Shakley.
  3. For a general overview go to

    I'm soo glad you're joining us on the Green side of life!! :smile:
  4. Try Seventh Generation. From their website:

    Seventh Generation is the leading brand of non-toxic household products designed for people who want environmentally friendly cleaning products and chlorine free paper goods. Chlorine free products include diapers, baby wipes, feminine care products, as well as recycled paper products that are whitened without chlorine, including bath and facial tissue, paper towels, plates and napkins. Non-toxic cleaning products include high-efficiency laundry detergent, liquid dish and dishwasher detergent, and kitchen and bathroom cleaners designed to clean without harsh chemicals. Seventh Generation was founded as a socially responsible business in 1988 and is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont; products are sold in stores nationwide.
  5. For your health (esp. women) and the health of your loved ones, I recommend staying away from chemicals as much as possible.

    One small step...Even changing one product per month, is a step in the right direction.

    Also, please look up xeno-estrogens and how they affect hormones in women. They are found in houshold cleaners, garden pesticides, plasics (don't microwave or heat food in plastics) and even cosmetics.

    Anything with parabens is a xeno-estrogenic & most of our body lotions and shampoos have these petro-chemicals in them. We apply them to our skin and they are absorbed readily into the bloodstream and wreak havok.

    The higher rate of cancers, fibroids, breast cysts and fertility problems are all tied in to increased chemical exposure in the last 50 or so years.

    Here's a wonderful source for checking the safety of your cosmetics:

    I commend you and everyone else for taking charge and making changes for the better.
  6. Thanks everyone for the info:flowers: It's been really helpful!
  7. is great. I also use their site for their cleaners, ect...I like the Caldera and Mrs. Meyers. The scents are wonderful and your house smells great after cleaning. I think one of my favorite brands is the Good Home Company--they sell a line of cleaners called Beach. I use their Beach Spray cleaner all over the house.... is great for things, I love organic sheets. They usually have a outlet site on their web. Nice yoga clothing on sale all the time.
    I know of other sites but can't remember their names.
    Good luck for going organic, I feel chemicals are so bad for the home. I also bought a steam cleaner and steam my house top to bottom with steam, I spray the scented cleaner first and my house smells great and looks fantastic. I find that the allergy catalogs sells nice things that can help.
  8. I have ordered organic soaps and shampoos from :yes:

    I don't even wanna think about washing out a sanitary napkin :shocked:
  9. These are great! Thanks! I also have to share here how amazed I was about this...

    Simran says replacing regular, inefficient lightbulbs with compact florescent lighbulbs (CFLs) can make a big difference. "Most of the energy in the United States comes from coal-fired plants," she says. "What we're doing when we run inefficient products is we're burning a lot more coal, and we're putting a lot more carbon into the environment."

    A CFL is 70 to 75 percent more efficient than other bulbs, she says. Florescent bulbs will cost a little more up front, but Simran says you should save money on your electricity bill over time. Plus, these bulbs can last 8 to 10 years!

    If every family replaced one bulb with a CFL, Simran says it would be like reducing carbon emissions from 800,000 cars. "I'm asking [America] to have a lightbulb moment and change out one lightbulb!" she says.

    Don't worry…these florescent lights aren't like the ones used in high school cafeterias. Simran says the new, improved bulbs, which cost about $6, give off beautiful light and can be adapted to dimmers. "They've really evolved as a product," she says.

    This just makes so much sense. Spend $6, save $$ & they can last for almost a DECADE! It's funny, today at our local electric company branch, they are giving out free CFL lightbulbs to everyone. They are really trying to get the message out there~ We are building a house right now so I feel it is the perfect time to do this! I'm going to instruct that ALL bulbs be CFL's throughout the house. Man, I'd be lucky to change a light bulb twice!

    I went to Target today & bought 8 of these bulbs. Going to buy more when they are on sale.
  10. HD had a sale on them recently. I've switched all of mine. They do make a difference on your electric bill.
    Anyone here know what their "carbon footprint" is?
  11. More organic clothing, this time from Canada:


    Some of the members of the Green and Clean Guild on Etsy:


    Herbal dream pillow

    Twindreamcreations (she's got fun stuff)

    Bamboo fields glycerin soap



    Whipped shea body butter

    BathandBeautyBoutique - blackberry sage tea spa scrub


    Tangoren lip balm

    Prairieluxe - perfume

    lushboxinc - mineral cosmetics


    Cucumber Green Tea Goats Milk and Honey Soap
  12. There is the most AMAZING store called "Fruit & Passion"

    They have totally organic and all natural home stuff and pet shampoo, deoderant, etc.