Site running slow??

  1. TPF running slow for anyone else??
  2. Yes! Half the time, none of the pages load, while other times it's incredibly slow in loading.
  3. It's slow for me, too...
  4. It has been for me for the past 2 days. Sometimes it works fine, most times, it takes a while to load, and at times an error message appears about not being able to contact the server. No problem with other websites. And I've tried tossing/clearing the cookies. Still the same issues.
  5. Yup same here.
  6. It was a little slow for me this morning...but it's all good now.
  7. Yes, I noticed it too. What exactly makes a BB run slow? Is it in any way connected to pruning or rather lack thereof?
  8. I thought I was the only one :p
  9. yes, i had the problem yesterday. today it's fine :biggrin:.
  10. still doing with me but not as bad
  11. Still a little slow here too!
  12. Me too, real slow...aarrghh.
  13. It has been sluggish off and on... still trying to ask the techs.
  14. It's better today. Hopefully it stays fine.
  15. Better, but still slow....
    I also noticed the ticker counter was off, as I lost about 50 posts in the last few days.......