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  1. I had never noticed this icon before on my screen . Its a little graph at the top of the right of my screen .. If you click on it you can see when people log on , how long for, which coutries people log on from etc .. Its so cool. Is everyone else aware of this feature and I was the last to know..:roflmfao:
  2. i knew it was there but never looked at it.
  3. Yes I only noticed it a week or so ago and checked it out. Very cool!
  4. I don't think I have that. Or am I missing something?:confused1:
  5. ?? it should be in the top right hand corner...little white box with a dark green graph on it. it's really tiny.

    i noticed it a while ago. it's neat!
  6. wow, we sure learn something new everyday, thanks!!
  7. huh...I don't see it...
  8. I don't have it either...
  9. I cant find it either. weird.
  10. Nor me (not fair:hysteric:), LOL
  11. ^^ It doesn't show up if the style (pull down menu at the bottom left corner) is set for "tPF Spring Time" or "Blue Saint". Maybe that's why? Set it "tPF Purple" then you'll see it at the top right corner.

    Oh, oh, if your setting is "tPF Spring Time" or "Blue Saint", it shows at the bottom center.
  12. Thank you! I found it!!
  13. Thanks, Mid, found it too!:yahoo:
  14. Cool i did not now we had this.

  15. Thank you for the instructions! I found it!! How cool is that? :flowers: