Site for downloading music to your iPod?

  1. OK-I feel like the last dinosaur here since I just got an iPod this week. I have loaded some of my CDs onto it-but, where is a good site to get music?

    Some place cheap and easy would be right up my alley-thanks!
  2. Can't get any better than directly using itunes. It's simple & 99 cents per song. They have almost everything.

    I just won a gift certificate there from
  3. OOh-thanks! Are you Jill M from Philadelphia? Going to check it out now
  4. or straight to i think?
  5. is the one that I use- its 99 cents per song- I found a coupon on my cereal box and I got a free song credit- lots of times they have those kinds of things so just check your cereal boxes!:lol:
  6. I think Limewire is only file sharing without paying and were not supposed to encourage that (?) because its piracy.

  7. Haha, yep that's me! I never win stuff, so this is super exciting for me. I really like itunes because it goes straight to your music library, plus they always give out a free song every Tuesday.

    If you want free music (not pirated), has a free downloads section. It's especially great if you like classical music, they have a nice selection. Also good if you want to sample new artists, they have a nice free indie section too.

    You can also check websites of your favorite artists. Some artists offer free downloads on their webpage.

    Also, you can use, and get music from friends for free. I'd be happy to send you some music if you'd like! Between the bf's computer and mine, we have around 10,000 songs.
  8. wow! yeah-come to think of it-that is how my son got most of his music-from friends! thanks!
  9. There's
    Usually, you can discover artists you didn't know about and have one or two tracks by them through there.
  10. You are right. I work for a lot of bands who work hard and still can't fully make a living from their music. With gas prices being so high, it's really difficult to be in a working and touring band right now. The best way to support independent/local artists is to go see them play live and buy their music. A lot of bands offer free downloads via their band site or MySpace, too. Without their fans' support, these bands will not be able to exist.
  11. My recommendation is also itunes. It's just so simple to use!
  12. Please no discussion of sites that encourage piracy.
  13. Iset up my ipod for a manual update. And I download music from my friends computer on itunes... (which saves time because i don't have to borrow their cd's, upload them onto itunes, etc).
  14. I love itunes. I think it's so easy to use. A monkey could use it.
  15. Most of the time I use iTunes, but there are times where I can't find what I want on there. If I can't find it on there, I admit that I do try Limewire, but usually - if it's not on iTunes, it's not on Limewire...