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  1. Its because the bag I want is not available on anymore so I googled the code and links from these showed up!
  2. 1. fake

    2. fake

    3. fake
  3. As far as I know...there is no such thing as a gucci outlet ONLINE. Someone can correct me if I am wrong on that though!
  4. Also, i just checked out those websites. They are selling bags for 300$ that are normally only 900$. Thats not cheap for a fake!
  5. There are a few discount sites like B-luefly and Farfetch at sales time etc :yes: but not an actual Gucci run outlet :nogood:
  6. Thanks. I can't find it anymore on the Gucci Digital Flagship. I guess its time to call their stores.:smile:
  7. Thanks. I cant find that bag anymore on the Gucci website thats why. ;)


    Thats true.
  8. pls help me authenticate this gucci bodybag

    and i dont know the model name! only got photos here for details

    serial number
    UP 6 dig 145809
    down 6 dig 002214

    it has a engrave gucci below the zipper hardware both on the main zipper and the zipper on the front pocket
    thank u so much in advance waiting for ur replies

    Attached Files:

  9. Haha...Um we are not an authenticating place so please refer to the Authenticate This Thread in the Stickies...and I can't find the code anywhere on the web so I don't it exists lol....are u sure u got the code right because authentic gucci serial numbers are not like that...:smile:
  10. Please post in the Authenticate this Gucci thread. They will let you know if you need more pics. Where did you get the bag?
  11. sorry the exact serial numbers are:
    serial number:
  12. it might be authentic. Where did you find this? Website plz..and the price they are asking for this bag.

  13. just got this from
    the flea market or i dig it from so many bags by my self
    and looks authentic so i bought it now im selling it..

    yes i can feel its quality that it is authentic
  14. Oh ok...if you uploaded it to the Authenticate This, i am sure many experts could help u get it authenticated.