Site about Fake Hermes

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  2. Great site and great ebay seller
  3. thank you.
  4. very helpful for a Hermes newbie like me. Thanks!
  5. Yes, I have heard only good things about her. Thanks for the very informative link !

    I can't imagine buying an Hermes on ebay. All that money for a potential fake ! I am afraid to buy LV on ebay as it is !
  6. Great find :biggrin:
  7. I hate to say it, but I am afraid to even buy from the sellers many of you say sell genuine bags. It is just a risk I don't want to take. I will remain bagless I suppose.
  8. Ebay scares me when it comes to Hermes. I don't know enough about the bags to distinguish fake from real. I wouldn't risk it on ebay.
  9. thanks for the link!
  10. Oh no! The site is unavailable right now!
  11. Tammy has a point, eBay is full of fakes. One needs to exercise full caution when buying these expensive bags from eBay. I found my thalassa birkin on eBay from this very nice chick that I end up being friends with.