Sitcom CRUSHES!!

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  1. So tell the TRUTH... Which sitcom stars did you have a major crushes on back in the day??


    Too many to count... But the first two to come to mind...

    1.) Kirk Cameron - Growing Pains
    2.) Dondre Whitfield - Cosby Show
  2. Topanga (boy meets world) :heart:
  3. Joey Lawrence (Blossom), Ian Ziering (90120), and the guy that played Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell)
  4. Luke Perry on BH90210...never mind the massive forehead, he had the sweetest car!
  5. JTT haha (randy from home improvement), Joey Lawrence(whoa), luke perry, mark paul gosselar(zack morris), leo when he was on growing pains :P

    oh and steve urkel he was my hero haha j/k :lol:
  6. Jason Bateman, and Ricky Shroeder. Yeah, I'm old.
  7. Thats the the exact same as me, except for Leo and Steve lmao! JTT was my first boyfriend lmao! He was a sexy little mullet having boy:shame:.

    theres more, Im sure Ill be back!
  8. Oh oh! Doogie Howser. Neil Patrick Harris was so cute to me, who would have ever thought I would NEVER have a chance in hell. lmao!

    John Stamos on Full House, Omar Gooding on Hangin With Mr. Cooper(he was so fine to me!). Ok, I think Im done, Ive embarrassed myself enough.
  9. Romeo from the Steve Harvey Show.

    I was convinced there was no one more handsome then him. RIP
  10. This show is on from 6-7am and I watch it when I'm getting ready. Thats so sad, I never knew he died.

  11. get out of here!! So do I!! lol

    yes, he was gunned down while waiting in a car.:crybaby:
  12. Hey, have you seen him recently? He's been aging REALLY well :nuts: :graucho:

    ^ Yep! ITA! :tup:

    My weirdest one is probably Webster (Emmanuel Lewis) :shame:

    When I watched Webster as a kid, I didn't understand that he was an adult little person; I just thought he was an adorable little boy my age. He was one of my first crushes! I thought he was sooooo cute :girlsigh:

    Oh! And my biggest sitcom crush of all time was Kevin (Fred Savage) from Growing Pains! OMG I was soooo in love with him! :heart:
  13. :nuts: My Mom knows Fred & Ben's Mom! It was like 2 degrees of separation for me lmao! When I found that out, I totally thought I was going to marry Fred one day:shame:.
  14. ^ Hook me up Val! :nuts:

    ...JK! :lol:
  15. Chad Allen on "My Two Dads"
    Michael J. Fox on "Family Ties"
    and I wanted to BE Allysa Milano on "Who's the Boss?"