Sit down UK peeps....we are getting another LV!!!

  1. Oh God, not another one :sad:, London again...dont they have like 4 there allready LOL.
  2. Why not Bristolll.... I always hear it has the 2nd biggest economy to London so why nott? Booo! lol

    (Btw does Harvey Nicks sell LV? We're getting one here next year)
  3. I don't think so.. I think it's just Selfridges and Harrods
  4. yeah you're right, just selfridges and harrods :sad:
  5. I know but it's a good start a lot of mall's in the US have high end brands in them so if we can start getting them too that'd be awesome,
  6. London again?!
    We need more LV's but not all in London!
    But i still think i will have to go check it out :yes:
  7. AHHH ... argh... :yucky: oh well..... :sad:
  8. Strange, it's not like the stores in London are totally crowded all the time, mostly just the departement stores' section are. Soon there'll be more LV in London than in Paris. ;)
  9. Congrats all UK LV lovers......I'm sure you will all be going to that new store opening!!!!