Sistina vs Boetie

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  1. I tried on Boetie MM today and really:smile: liked it. I'm not sure if it is a LE (SA said it is) cause people on TPF have said it is permanent. However I'm really admiring the new Sistina MM which is due out Aug.1. Sistina advantages are easier to care for and cost a little less. Has anyone compared measurements and weight of these two bags? Also, does anyone know if Sistina is LE? I've been carrying my mono galliara everyday for at least 3 months and love it. But I'm wondering if i should switch to the damier on sistina now. I must say - there is an unused trevi GM waiting in my closet.....
  2. I vote for Sistina!!!
  3. I have a Boetie GM, I like it. IIDK what the Sistina looks like, is there a pic anywhere?
  4. I have the Boetie MM , and am planning on getting the Sistina GM. I also have a Trevi PM. I have not used my Boetie yet, but it is soo pretty. Its very classic and love the flap. Can you get both?
  5. In the reference library under sistina release date, you will find pictures and pricing. Chessmont - if I decided to splurge - sistina or air-king?! I have several other watches and LVs so either item is really not needed. But my 45th b-day is just around the corner...
  6. sistina all the way!
  7. Sistina for sure!!!!! I like the look of it way better than the Boetie

  8. OT
    -Air King ;) What color/kind of dial?
  9. Like the Sistina style, but I am not at all fond of Ebene Damier...that's just me.

    So I stick by the Air King:biggrin:
  10. I can't wait to see the Sistina IRL!
  11. i love the sistina
  12. I think the sistina is lovely!
  13. I definitely can't do sistina and air-king! The sistina I am most interested in is the medium size. The air-king is a mid-size (34mm?) with a blue face. No one has responded about sistina or boetie being limited or permanent. Does anyone know? That could play a part in my decision!
  14. sistina ftw!!! i can't wait for it to be released!
  15. Sistina :biggrin: