Sisters : Do You Share The Same Obsession ?

  1. If you have any sisters , Do they/she have the same fashion sense as you do ? can you share each others clothes ? Does she have the same obsession with bags like you do ?

    How are you different ? How are you the same ?
  2. Nope, we're complete opposites!
    She pretty 'crunchy' - makes her own non-toxic cleansers, soaps, cloth diapered . . .
    I'm MUCH more mainstream than my sis.
    but we TOTALLY adore one another and really enjoy adn learn from our differences!
    Like for example, I buy a LOT more organic foods and poison free cleansers and she nows wears Bvlgari parfum and is toting a Kate Spade diaper bag instead of a big handmade one!
  3. My younger sister has always been the one with the sense of style. Neither of us do makeup, heels or anything over girly, but she has always been the one with the put-together, polished "look". I've always been the aging hippy-chick, with a penchant for lots of jewelry and not much more. If she knew I was a member of this Forum, she would keel over flat! :biggrin:
  4. She is my best friend, but thinks I am absolutely insane when it comes to handbags and shoes and clothes! Of course, who do you think she calls every time she wants to buy ANYTHING?!?
  5. We're very different, though we are extremely close.
    She's a major fashionista, obsessed with clothes and shoes, but handbags are not her thing.
    I, on the other hand, shop at Target, but always have a designer bag.

    At the same time, I wear makeup daily, she only does on special occasions.
  6. My younger sis is not like me. She wouldn't spend alot of money on bags and usually uses my hand-me-downs. She just waits for me to get a new bag then asks to borrow my "old" ones. Hmm.... which one of us is the smart one here????
  7. My sister and I share things. She thinks the amount of money I spend on bags is ridiculous but she doesn't complain when she borrows them (same with my mother). We have similar tastes in clothing, some trendy or outrageous things that I wear she would never though. I'm more flashy then she is. I like tacky, gaudy things and she can be more preppy. I think it might be the fact that she's in college and everyone there is pretty preppy.
  8. My sister is worse with her obsession than I am but our tastes are pretty different. She outlet shops and has a closet full of Coach, Furla and who knows what else..... I prefer LV. She has 2-3 LV's and some luggage but is always buying bags but seems to wear the same ones over and over. She bought a beautiful large Chanel bag over a year ago and I never saw her wear it. Makes me laugh. Forget it when we go clothes shopping, she and I are total opposites. It's pretty funny to watch how different our tastes are.
    We do enjoy shopping together.
  9. my sister is nothing like me! she enjoys wearing plaid and other unfashionable fabrics and that is when I pretend we're not related.
  10. This is just like my sis and I. She is more into electic things than I am. I'm more into buying the most expensive things, she doesn't care. Very different lol
  11. My sister majored in math. I studied fashion and design. She read brainteaser books, I read fashion magazines. She can't draw a straight line, I like to paint and draw. She can calculate a thirty year mortgage or percentages in hear head. I just go... uhhhh?? :blink:
    She doesn't wear makeup and I love makeup. I had to sit her down and apply makeup on her for her wedding day!! (She was only going to wear lip gloss!) :wacko:
    She always wears the same handbag and I think it was from a discount outlet. She thinks I'm crazy to care about bags, or anything related to fashion. (Maybe that's why she has more money than me...)
    We are nothing alike- we don't even look alike and we're true blood sisters. We do love each other though!
  12. My lil' sis and I grew up hating each other's guts, but now we are the best of friends!

    I blame her for my newly developed bag obsession. We both have our own sense of style and taste with clothes and handbags, but we do love the same designers and brands. I can safely say that she currently spends far more than I do on her clothing/handbag/shoe habits!

    What's funny is that she has an 18-month old daughter who is already a total clotheshorse! We take her shopping and she ooo's and ahh's over all the pretty little girly clothes. It's adorable!

    I am so thankful I had a little boy. I'd be totally bankrupt if I had a girl!!!
  13. Unfortunately not. My sister thinks that expensive bags and clothes are stupid and a waste of money...shes not a very image-consious person.
  14. There's a 7 year difference between my little sister and me. I find when I've grown out of a stage, she starts to get into it. I think they call it "generation gap"

    Right now my new stage = purseforum, and I've been busy buying Spy, baby Spy, and MJ shoes.... trying to play "dress up" to a more elegant 20-ish appropiate wardrobe, expected of a uni. graduate looking for a job

    SHE's gotten into hip-hop gear, juicy couture, baby phat, and black mesh cutout tops. lol.... at least I'll be able to hand down my stuff to her when she gets older
  15. no, my sister is not into the type of clothing, accessories that I like, she is almost 18 while I am 28 so really, we can't borrow stuff from each other (plus she is like 6-7 inches taller than I am)..