Sisterhood of the Traveling Mozzarella... any interest??


Dec 1, 2006
The Hermes forum has an awesome thread going with an Hermes scarf.

The idea is that someone on the forum 'hosts' the scarf for about a week, taking pics of the scarf around the area, sharing about local sights and their own lives, their Hermes collections, etc...

I was thinking of starting something similar on this forum, but with the Mozzarella vinyl... but I wanted to see if there was any interest from the ladies here...

I think the general rules that they are using are:
-minimum 500 posts to qualify as a host
-minimum 1 post every other day that you host, preferably with photos
-host pays shipping to the next location

what do you think?!!


I'm a Mrs. now!
Apr 5, 2007
lol I read the thread title and I was like "huh?"

That's a cute idea. I was thinking of all the places in NY I could photograph Mozarella. Altho being from NY I'm sure people are gonna see me doing that and think that I'm totally wacko .. lmao

Hmm ok I'm interested to see what other people think about this idea :yes:


pink ninja
Nov 22, 2006
i'll do it!!! that would be sooo kyoot! hopefully when i get it, i'm not stuck in boring ole stockton....if u wanna do lighter shipping, we can do a moofia minion...lolz...n are we gonna buy a brand new mozarella to do this?!


May 18, 2007
fun idea! i can't wait until i qualify! or maybe a traveling tokidoki necklace! i like the idea of wearing something. but then it's more expensive. but maybe less expensive to ship since it's not so 3Dish? haha

traveling mozzerella is cuuute though!


Dec 1, 2006
I would send out my mozzarella to travel around. so no worries about that.

I don't know how much it would cost to ship. I don't imagine it being much more than $5-10 at the MAX!! I have sent much bigger bags for less! haha!

I guess a minion would be much cheaper to do though.... or a necklace. I was thinking it would be cool to have mozzarella though, cuz he's my fav... hehe... kinda self serving here. Plus I think it would be a kind of fun juxtaposition of the totally cute mozzarella with a gun... but at random parts of the world/country... I hope some of the other ladies out of the US can chime in their interest too.

What do you gals think? Would the shipping be prohibitive? :confused1:

Not to worry about the requirements, I'm sure by the time it gets around to everyone ppl will have enough posts... I just want to make sure it's someone who really loves tokidoki!! maybe we could make the post count lower. let's see how it goes!!!

and... can anyone think of a funkier name for this?? I dunnos, I just kinda borrowed the same name from the hermes ladies, but maybe tokidoki needs something more... off the wall?


cuz i'm teh lil one
Mar 13, 2007
lol... I'd be fine w/ a moofia member also... they're pretty okay sized... maybe have 2 of them... Latte and someone else like soya or the japanese one or something? *I really wish they made the strawberry one :Push:*


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May 10, 2007
i think its a super cute idea but i cant participate because i dont have 500 posts


if the necklace is what we want to send around

i can offer to make one and start it off, im making one for myself

let me know!